Call of duty but with tanks

Some prefer to have nicer graphics while they play the game, i get what you mean but I’m having difficulty seeing how it can be executed without one of the cons.

And this proposed game mode could not replace Ground Realistic Battles.

No one says nothing about replacing nothing. I said they can ADD a proper simulator gamemode

If the addition is as a separate game mode from Ground Realistic then I see no issue I might even play it myself.

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That´s what im talking about, even gaijin sells the game as a “Simulator” but in reality it has little as a simulator… They can add this new “HardSim” mode as a new game mode to the game. Yea some times i just want to play few matchs to get the squadron points and leave because im tired or something, so no, deleting the GRB is not an option at all

Why would they pour a bunch of resources into a more extreme version of a mode that already only attracts like 1% of the playerbase?

You prefer arcade, fair.

Not about who prefers arcade, it’s about who does NOT prefer simulators: which is about 99% of people. A more extreme simulator would be NOT preferred, presumably, by like 99.5% of people. So it’d be a pretty bizarre investment.

You mean unrealistic & clunky simulator.
People should stop using “hardcore” for clunky sims.

I dunno, I mean it doesn’t exist and is just a hypothetical, so you kinda have to just describe it the way the person who gave the hypothetical described it to reply to it

You have to accept dying and learn to play, start from tier 1 and learn to move around and position yourself on the map

I know your ideas are vague, but I agree the game itself needs a major shakeup.

It plays more like a sport than an immersive war game. I can’t help but think the tanks in the two teams might as well be Red and Blue. The game just reminds me of paint balling with tanks.

The game is two halves to me .1st half the vehicle models. 2nd half the game itself.

1st half is very good ,2nd half miles behind.

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Look no further than the suggestion about adding collision meshes for all barrels in the game to see that there’s a bunch of a community that actively resists any semblance of realism added into the game.

It seems people want CoD with tanks, as long as it’s called ““realistic battles””.

You’re asking for a fundamentally different game than what we have, none of this will come to pass

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That is exactly what so many of us are asking for and we very much hope it will come to pass. No point in a forum otherwise.

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I don’t see the issue in how the game currently plays to be honest.
Sure, there are some issues, but nothing that makes the game unbearable (especially now that APFSDS is more accessible).

That is entirely your prerogative and I have no issue with you being happy with the game, not going to try and tell you are wrong.

The game has been the same for 12 years now and has to be boring for some. The forum is filled with players with issues.

For me the vehicles detail is a huge leap above the actual playing fields the game exists on.

I can’t be the only one that was extremely disappointed with how ARB plays out to the point I don’t play it despite coming here for it originally.

I appreciate that WT is an online team game, but I feel more elements of some of the old single player games that have been made could be incorporated to make the game more realistic and immersive.

The big stumbling block to that is the forum base demanding constant Balance. So the game had become a soccer match on a soccer pitch rather than a defend and attack scenario that real war might be, and it is becoming more so with every update.

Trouble is players won’t ever accept being on the difficult side of a map even if they swap in the next game. I do think the player base get what they deserve but I think some people never stop hoping for more.


I guess that is a fair assessment, it’s not surprising people would like change when put in this context.

I never much noticed what others might dislike, so it’s pretty good to see now.

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Air RB is the same , 0 depth , call of duty with planes


This is the big issue for some, and if you´re veteran in this game who like real sim games… . I feel nothing from the game, yea i play and i log in but for what? Just to grind another bugged and half implemented vehicle/mechanic and that´s it? No, i just do it to pass the deads hours playing something. Yes I played GHPC, Steel Armor, BF5 and 1, Arma 3, Six Days In fallujah, Ready or not, and a bunch more of shoothers/simgames where I can really feel the teamwork, the strategy among all the team, the care about others in your platoon, the “reality” of a armed combat with and without vehicles… And this game for me is just like: “Yep another broken vehicle/mechanic to grind” . And when you get it is like: “Ok lets play some matches to spade it and… maybe, play some 5.7-6.7 matchs to feel something…” . So for me, this game is just a “dead hours passer” and nothing more. If they add a proper sim mode with interiors for tanks, bigger maps, more strategy, where you can use Self propeled howitzer for indirect fire, differents zones to hold/attack to win possesion on the map and a some proper kind of radio/voicechat to directly comm with your team or squadron (not the one already implemented) adding limited ammount of mines on the grounds, new vehicles to explode/retreive these mines (some has already mine protection) fuel for tanks, cannon barrel physics, the regenerative steering, IA with mounted/unmounted tows ATGM´s around some firstpass roads and more… I think these “dead hours” can be converted to “extremely fun hours” for the 1% like me. Yeah, this is in a hipotetycal case and they need to do a big invest, but I really wish some day this game has a more “advanced sim mode” for the 1%. As it is said around here on my country “from illusions/dreams we live”.

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