Call of duty but with tanks

Every other game mode but ground forces seems to have a real feel to it. Ground forces is very much unplayable at high tiers. Every one camps, peaks, shoots, hides. Then we have the guys that just show up and camp spawn from ridiculous angles. Its not fun anymore.

There has to be something done to ground forces or im just gonna wait for the next best thing that comes out. This game promotes camping, only in GB. Everything is too fast, and unrealistic. Feels like a hollywood film the way people play. There has to be a plan, strategy, a new game mode of the sort and get rid of everything else.

I personally think the only way to better ground forces is to make longer games, and to make longer games you need larger maps, realistic maps. By that i mean, in the real world, militaries wouldnt send tanks to a location if it would deem any armored vehicles useless because of its geographical features. Theres a youtube video where a real tanker tried war thunder and said the maps in game are locations where they wouldnt send armor just because it would be useless due to high points, and disadvantages like too many buildings without proper recon.

Next would be taking fuel into account. Fuel would make a player choose how much to drive and how far they should drive. Making them less prone to drive to the other side of the map to farm kills. Maybe after securing an area it would provide fuel.

I dont know im just throwing ideas out there. Next would be a game mode that would mimic a real life armored battle. Forget A B and C point. We need something more real, maybe a player vs ai. Where both team on there way to secure a sector , need to watch out for ground troops(militia or whatever it may be) that plant IED’s or shoot rockets at your tank , and you have to watch out for mines on the road etc.

I ran out of ideas, but thats all i got. I work a 9-5 job and want to come home from work and enjoy the game, but then i come across people who dont work and just make the game boring by killing me from ridiculous angles.

War thunder has so much potential to make something great out of ground battles. If it doesnt, soon enough the player base will start to drop when the next best thing comes out. Im just here with an idea to save the games future. Hopefully some devs get a chance to read this.


Modern tanks aren’t going to run out of fuel in the middle of a match.

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Yes, which is why the addition of spall liners is a step in the right direction. It will slow the pace of combat down due to the reduction of one shots. The issue at hand is currently their haphazard introduction and Gaijin’s refusal to restrict smaller maps at high BRs.


Adding AI puts strain on the servers, they could add more hazards like minefields and use those to split areas of the map to prevent easy traversal. A “rush” style game mode where you attack and hold attack and hold could be interesting to see on a larger map where outflanking would be restricted and the battle would remain dynamic due to the constantly moving battle area.

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I agree, and maybe add a tank with a mine clearing ability. Or a modification to mine clear

Funnily enough there’s mine resistant armor already modeled in game as an optional armor piece


They will if the game lasts for longer than 15 minutes like they do IRL missions and battles.

Modern tanks can go ~300 miles without refueling it’s not going to be a thing we see in WT


If you’ve ever flown low and slow over the air maps, each one is literally a hundred square kms of perfectly good, realistic terrain that could be used for ground games that could enable full combined arms battles far better than the cartoonish, curated maps designed, yes, for CoD style deathmatch.

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Most tanks don’t parade around the battlefield, but move in short fast bursts, and then spend most of the time idling. Tank engines burn a lot of fuel even just idling.
OPs suggestion is for something like Ground EC, where you could spend hours in game and fuel would become an issue for some tanks (like M1s).

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Yeah, it would also be a confusing nightmare, and do also consider all those air maps are low poly in graphical fidelity. Just like the rest of the ground maps once you get outside of spawn and the ground battle area of the map. It may not look like it’s graphically low. But it is and for Gaijin to make this fully work for higher graphics is both going to take a toll on your hardware and the game engine. For something that large. However, if we are going on the theoretics then it is something that should be done for World War mode if Gaijin adds voice chat and an in-game chat translator other wise it doesn’t work that well.

It just isn’t cluttered with crap like little rocks and someone’s laundry. The generic procedurally generated terrain on the airmaps will be much easier on client and server hardware than the artsy ground maps. The pretty detailed maps are nice, but we don’t play the game to virtually sight see.

Yes, more like EC and WW mode where you are fighting large scale battles with hundreds of units instead of just a dozen.

Yeah no one is going to play an hour long War Thunder match


Well, people do already. It’s called Simulator EC.

Besides, EC mode allows players to drop in/out whenever, so they don’t have to stay that long if they don’t want to.

I think Ground EC would be pretty rad

Is that not it?

I would be the first to play 1 hour games. I been playing from long ago and every time I thinked “what if in reality this game become more a simulator than a tanksCOD?”. Not everyone like the hardcore sims but i do, and for me? coming home after a long day of work log in and playing a good match with strategy caring about my teammaetes and on a big*ss map is the better thing Gaijin can do after the 2A7V and DU Abrams fiasco. So yes I prefeer 2 matchs of 1 hour per day, than more or less 45 matches of 3-5 minutes and 3-5 matches of at best 10 minutes per day because in these 40 matches I feel nothing, no one care about his teammate, everyone going “YOLO”, everyone dying and leaving at the second minute of match… . This game is a COD but with tanks… and other vehicles who in top tier just make the situation worse… . I pray for Gaijin adding a proper “simulator mode” in the game for those who love REAL sims experiences. (And nothing to say about tank interiors, it could be extremely good if they add it )

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Currently we only have EC mode in Air Simulator.

What I would like to see is an EC mode in Air realistic, and possibly a similar concept for Ground battles.

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Sure there can be a side game mode for games of that length.

Yes you are a minority of users.