Cannon barrel collision


In tanks, the cannon barrels & launchers could collide with buildings, objects, ground and other vehicles around the maps.

Smaller trees, lightpoles, fences and various objects would be knocked over when in contact with the cannon barrel. This could be handy in certain situations, as some of these might block the line of sight, and instead of using the vehicles eventual macineguns or main caliber to destroy or remove those

Buildings, rocks, dirt or other ground types
When driving close, or into the walls of buildings, rocks, dirt or any of the other groundtypes the cannon barrel would collide upon contact with those

When in close combat or in tight spots with enemy or teammates the cannons would collide with the vehicles,

If a vehicle are driving at full speed, and the cannon hit’s one of the ground types such as rocks, certain buildings etc the cannon would in a real life event be badly damaged, the most common it the barrel being bent. Therefore it could in-game at higher speeds above 50-100 result in a critically damaged/destroyed barrel, it would have to be considered the weight of the vehicle as well, as that would have a inpact on the result. on lover speeds it could co clear with no damage or just a light damage.

it could also recieve damage if an allied or hostile tank were to drive into it. In an event of falling off egdes, or rolling around the cannon could also recieve damage

-Here is a picture of a Merkava tank wich has had a little accident, and drove off a little too steep egde and Unfortunately, the barrel did not come out very well from that, here we see it has been bent during the inpact due to supporting the weight of the heavy mbt

This could be implemented to all game modes, but there are some more options as:
Arcade, Realistic & Simulator
Realistic & Simulator
Simulator only

Arcade might as well be without it, as it might not fit in the playstyle


Would you like to see this in-game?
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Urban gameplay (and even in forests) would change dramatically and I don’t know if that would be for the best… No more rotating quickly in alleyway, no more speeding through forests, no more hugging corners, no more hiding behind dead vehicles (at least, not so close behind you can’t be hit yourself), etc.


That is fully understandable xd

part of the reason i mentioned it could be added for either ab/rb/sim, rb/sim or only simulator

with collision, behund destroyed vehicles, one can lift the barrel and drive into the destroyed chassy, and rest the barrel on top of it, in the situations that’s allowed


I agree with ChieftainWarrior, urban maps will become hell, but the idea of breaking tinny stuff with the barrel is good, it will be practical when you don’t want to shoot your coax/MG/gun to break a tree or bush :D


Unsure if they can add mechanics purely for sim battles like that, might be a technical limitation. The damage models and physics models are presumably just one thing that applies no matter what, and with spaghetti code idk if they could implement it without issues lol

Might be nice for sim, I agree.



Another option could be them just knocking down trees/poles etc, and not collide just go trough the big objects

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Stupid idea ,no thanks


I would get another year worth of premium just to play with this. I personally think it would be a great addition in gameplay and refresh the “play meta” drastically.

Add it for GRB & SGB, can leave it out of AGB.


Would be a good addition in simulator battle !


For Sim, yes.
For AB/RB? Hell no, please


Think it could be a cool addition to sim. Not so much RB. it is a yes from me :)


It would be good for sim but it shouldn’t be added to RB

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It should be a must-have in Realistic and Simulator battles,
But disabled in Arcade (after all… it’s arcade. Fun-first)

Having barrels collidable adds so much depth to the gameplay… it really should have been done long time ago.


Yes please, let this stupidity of wall-piercing cannons end.


+1 for SB only, I don’t think RB could handle it.

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Thing is, it will be much easier to stick a barrel in Sim because you are stuck in a limited POV where you can’t judge depth as well.
Maybe at least barrel collisions where you can’t pass thru any meshes.

Purely from a technical standpoint I vote no. Collision mesh checking is a pain in the and while you can offload a lot of it to gfx cards nowadays, it’ll be an absolute nightmare for your FPS eventually. Imagine all the buildings that instead of being a solid hitbox now need their windows and doors (or in the ruins the gaps) meshed up. Along with everything else that has a “simple” hitbox.

Then from a game standpoint, nobody would manage to leave spawn on city maps with smallish gaps to get out. You think the traffic jam to get out of spawn is bad now? Hah, think again… plus it opens up a whole new level of asshattery that will no doubt be utilised by those who need to ruin someon else’s fun just so they can feel good about themselves :)

So no. I don’t want to see this in game.


+1. It makes the game more realistic and less “camping on the side of a building looking in third person with the gun looking directly at the enemy’s position trought the building waiting for him to look away for 2 seconds to come out and shoot him as soon as i sees the circle move to the center of the screen”. So yes this can be a good mechanic to change the “lOoK mOm Im PrO” play style, one change the game need, to be more close to a simulator. Next step is the nerf issue and then the maps and gamemodes but that´s other topic…


I remember trying this a few years ago and it ended up with most of the players in the city map fixing the vehicle barrel.


I want also the ability to destroy the barrel of the tiger with the R3 T20.