But is it possible that the technology tree of Italian helicopters is so bad, so badly made, so lazy? I propose these adjustments for Italy

All the other nations have a branching tree, while Italy, to avoid doing any extra work, has simply mixed the Hungarian branch with the Italian one.

This is what the Italian helicopter technology tree should look like, with the addition of a few more helicopters to improve it so that it can be played by players instead of simply being ignored.

New vehicles to add:


  • The reason I lowered the BR of the A.109EOA-2 is that it is not nearly as powerful as the Mi-24D, if you want people to use it at least be coherent with the BR.
  • Same thing I did with AB 205 A-1 with the new update you have managed to make it totally useless. AB 205 A-1 has only 7 rockets and despite the results confirming that it has a very low win ratio or in some cases is not used at all… This helicopter before I only used it to hit other helicopters, because for ground vehicles it is totally useless and I assure you that I have tried it, has too few rockets to effectively kill even one tank… Now that they’ve made the new update it’s become even more useless, before at least you could ambush enemy helicopter airfields, now you can’t, thanks to the new update because you’ll be seen by everyone from miles away… I consider myself a pretty good player, and I’ve tried using all my battle experience to kill as many enemies as possible and I say that this vehicle has become totally useless unless it is lowered in BR to at least 7,0 to help players use it to attack ground targets and honestly this lowering of BR would not make it even remotely broken, given the amount of players with a tank armed with machine guns that can hit it.
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It’s still a small tree compared to the pleora of helis that Italy could get, but at least It Is Better than the curret TT. I’m making a full TT with every single possible heli, I Will make a topic in the future.
Well done


I would have liked to add other Italian helicopters, such as the “NHIndustries NH-90” which has anti-ship missiles, this could also be used in battles between fleets of ships given its armament, but I didn’t want to complicate too much the game mechanics, because honestly I have no idea what the developers want to do with the helicopters’ tech trees and if one day they will allow them to be used in battles between ships… So I limited myself to what I think are the most useful and unique helicopters per Italian tech tree, limiting the choice between a few helicopters so as to create a good starting base that can be improved in the future

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Do Gaijin even add anti-ship missiles for aircrafts? multiple jets have them in real life but think they aren’t really in-game

they’ve only now started to, with the AS.34 Kormoran and Martel AJ168 being the first two airborne antishipping missiles in game

Agree, gaijin does not care at all in putting in some effort and creating some new 3D models ( for helis it wouldn’t even be difficult), they much rather copying and pasting soviet vehicles in a tech tree that has nothing to do with them.
Same goes for both ground and air, with tons of good vehicles being blatantly ignored.

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