Agusta AB206

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AB-206 Aviazione dell'Esercito

**Description: The Agusta Bell AB206 is the Italian-licensed version of the American Bell 206. Agusta signed a contract with Bell for the license production of this helicopter in October 1965. The helicopter was successfully presented in Italy at the establishments of Cascina Costa on November 12, 1966, and at the Urbe airport in Roma. The Italian army selected it in 1969 for the Aviazione dell’Esercito (Italian Army Aviation) as a new helicopter capable of training, recon, transport, and connection. The first model product delivered was the AB206A in 16 units, followed by 118 AB206A-1. Both versions were upgraded; the first, the AB206A, was upgraded to the AB206A-2, and the second, the AB206A-1, was upgraded to the C-1. Today, only 40 units remain in service for training, waiting to be replaced with the AW169. All those helicopters were made from 1967 to 1996. The helicopter was produced in several versions and was operated in a good number of different countries: Albania, Argentina, Austria, Greece, Morocco, Zambia,Turkey,Sweden,Ethiopia, Finland, Iran, Kuwait, Spain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, and the United Arab Emirates, with a total of 956 helicopters built. Talking about his performance, it was fitted with the Allison 250-C18 engine with a maximum trusth of 317 kw, which gives this helicopter a maximum speed of 241 km/h and a consumption of 80 liters of fuel per hour.

**Why it should be in the game: In game it could work in a possible future against naval vessels, since it will be able of carry two guided torpedo and launch them at a safe range and the possibility to land on the water will make this fast heli also good for cap areas.



Engine: a 420 shp Allison 250-C18 engine

Rotor diameter: 10.77 m

Length: 11.94 m

Height: 3.45 m

Rotor disc surface area: 91.10 m2

Empty weight: 682 Kg

Maximum take-off weight: 1,450 kg

Maximum speed: 240 km/h

Maximum ceiling in hovering in ground effect: 3,660 m

Maximum range: 673 km

Crew: from 2 to a max of 5 mens



1x 7.62mm Minigun machinegun

2x 7.62 Minigum machinegun

4x 7.62 Minigun machinegun

2x MK46 lightweight torpedo

4x Dept charges

14x FFAR 2.75 roket launchers

2x 7.62 door gun



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Elicotteri Agusta Bell AB-206 in forza all'AVES

Elicottero da Sostegno al Combattimento AB-206 - Esercito Italiano









57 anniversario aviazione dellesercito image 30


MM80911 - Agusta-Bell AB-206C-1 JetRanger - Italy - Army

If this heli will be ever added, please consider to add this skin


Alessandro Senesi AB 206




Elicotteri Agusta Bell AB-206 in forza all'AVES

Elicottero da Sostegno al Combattimento AB-206 - Esercito Italiano






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Yes pls +1

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Italy really needs more helicopters, and while this one isn’t super well-armed, I still think it should be added. +1

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I would honestly like to see the AB.204 instead of 206, otherwise we will have the same issues like AB.205 in game. And that helicopter struggles right now due to poor antitank loadouts (that works in-game).

the 206 is not intended to replace the 205 since it doesn’t have anty tank weapons. it could be the starter of a naval heli line in future.

As much as I would like to see additional Italian helicopters it simply doesn’t have the armament.

it’s suggested to be in naval battle in future not to be an anty tank heli. There a lot of sugggestion like this one