A109 I-DVCM: The over armed A109

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Agusta A109 I-DVCM: The over armed A109 - Italy - War Thunder - Official Forum

Description: This is basically an Agusta A109A with something like too many weapons. I present to you the AW109 DCVM-I. But before we talk about this one over here, let’s start with the Agusta A109 story. The Agusta A109 was developed as a civil helicopter in the 1960s, but due to some issues with the engine, it flew for the first time only in 1969. In 1975, Agusta made the first armed variant of the A109, the A109 AT, which was used in a small number by the Italian army. In 1976, the Italian army bought a total of five A109A, and two of them (the EI 854 and the EI 855) were converted to the AT variant for testing the TOW anti-tank missile . The second military variant was the CM, which was used in the Italian army in 24 units (in the EOA2 and EOA1 versions) and by the Belgian army (in the BA version). In the 1990s, a new variant (the most modern one) was planned, and it was called the A109 LUH (Light Utility Helicopter). The first one was made around 2003, and it was sold to various countries like South Africa and Malaysia. It is still in service today. This one in particular was a demonstrator modified from an Agusta A109A, and it was used to test a lot of different weapons for the next variants. Back in 1977, it was converted like the AT from an A109A. It differed from the contemporary A109 AT as it has optics sight mounted on the cockpit roof (while the normal ones used the M65 sight mounted on the sight of the nose). After being used for some years as a test platform, in the 1980s it was converted to be a civil A109A II, and its fate is unknown. Talking about its performance, it was powered by two Allison 250-C20B engines that gave this helicopter a max speed of 285 km/h and a total of 313 kw of trusth each. It also has a feature that will be removed in the next version, namely the retractable landing gear. It was equipped with more advanced systems (for example, the I-Tow sight). It was tested and shown with literally everything (aside from some AA weapons or a ventral turret). It had anti-tank missiles (Tow), tons of rockets (from 51 mm to 105 mm), machinegun pods (7.62 mm and 12.7 mm), and even anti-ship missiles (Martin Pescaor).

Why it should be in the game: I see this heli has a perfect event. While other heli like the AW109CM prototype cango in the main line, this one can be a very good event/squadron/Premium since it has tons of different weapons and it will give to the player a lot of fun and a variegated gameplay.



Rotor diameter: 10.83 m

Length: 12.93 m

Height: 3.42m

Rotor surface area: 81.39 m2

Empty weight: 2,267 kg

Maximum take-off weight :3,175 kg

Maximum speed: 285 km/h

Hovering ceiling in ground effect: 4.672 m

Maximum range: 700 km

Crew: 2-4

Passengers: up to 6

Weapons/Avaible Lodouts


Air To Ground Weapons:

4x Tow Anti Tank missiles

8x Tow Anti tank missiles

2x Giat M621 20 mm pods

2x 12.7 mm Machineguns pods

2x 7.62 mm machinegun pods

2x 7.62 mm Door Gun

2x 7.62 mm Matra-SAMM CM-7,62 (Nacelle AA-52) double machinegun pods

2x Brandt Type 100-3 : 3x100mm SNEB rocket launcher

2x Brandt Type 68-22C : 22x68mm SNEB rockets launcher

2x Matra Type 155 (LR F4) : 18x68mm SNEB rockets launcher

2x Matra LR F2 : 6x68mm SNEB rockets launcher

2x 50 mm rokets launcher

2x 70 mm rokets launcher

2x 105 mm rokets launcher

Other various type of rokets

Anti ship Weapons:

2x Martin Pescador Missile



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I-DVCM Data Sheet © by dgualdo.it






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+1, would be a great addition.

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Awesome +1

That huge weapon selection would make it an awesome ground pounder and the 8 TOWs would be a good evolution of the current A109 in game.

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+1 italy needs this version !

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It will sit in nicely after the AW.109 we already have in-game. Or foldered in as an alternative for people to unlock.

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