Buff Russia Air

Hello Gaijin. May you want to buff the Russian Air Force a bit. I main the U.S and it has really good planes, the best actually and i want a bit more diversity so until the Eurofighter comes… give a buff to the MIG-29 and Su-27. NO not Overpowered but a bit better. At least model them according to DCS.

Ex: F-15 has a slight advantage in 2 circle and the Su-27 in one circle (in DCS). Why don’t yall do that. It would seem balance. Even more now that we have the Fox 3’s forcing the SU-27/MIG-29 to get close and personal and the U.S to stay at a distance given that it has an advantage in BVR

Screenshot 2024-07-02 190517

Don’t mind the pic (it looks pretty cool)

Bruh, troubles in SU-27 wing
It overperforming on some speed, but on different speed it can underperform