Broken Matchmaker at jet tiers

Gaijin we need some answers…

I played one week, several hours a day, from 8.0 to 10.3, several nations, several planes, and it’s always the same:
You got 80-90% full uptiers. (Only two BRs got less, 9.0 and 10.7)
Btw it’s the same at 10.3-11.3.

So why is this?

One thought about it:
12.3 gets 30-50% full downtiers ish. And there are a lot of toptier players, you see it on the very short waiting time. Only seconds. So that shouldn’t be the problem.
Why not giving 12.3 80-90% full uptiers (teams full with 12.3) and let us see what will happen.

I feel confident it will make all battles underneath toptier more playable.


Only 4 of the top BR planes are allowed per team per match - if it’s an 11.3 game, there can only be up to 4 F-4S on your team, and if it’s 11.7, only up to 4 F-14s.

When it gets to 12.3 games, it either creates a 12.7 match and populates the team list with only 11.7-12.3, or it creates a 12.3 game with only 4 12.3s per team. So, mathematically you should be getting about 75% uptiers and only 25% downtiers - but in your uptiers, not everyone is flying a better plane.

yes full uptiers suck, but it’s usually not the end of the world.

My point is about fairness.
12.3 has no better planes above, so even in “full uptier” there are no planes at all outclassing them. So in terms of the matchmaker they have an advantage anyway.
But today even mathematically they get a way better matchmaker. So why, that’s my question?

I also know it’s way better than at the time they introduced 12.0. At this time there were only full downtiers for toptier.

And btw, we both are not average players. ;-)
For us it is annoying but doable.

Gaijin does this so people see the top tiers clubbing them and are more likely to shell out for premium time, premium planes, or GE to get them to top tier faster and skip the suffering.

BR compression is designed into the gaijin business model.

even with that in mind, i think they could still make tons of money if the top BR was 13.0.

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It’s funny when you think about it. The game is designed to be frustrating in a way that makes people drop money, but I’m willing to bet they’d drop just as much if the game was a lot more enjoyable.

It’s the game management that prefers solution A rather than solution B. One could almost think that they are sadistic and that the amount of “power” they have has gone to their heads.


depends on what you want from the game.
YOU choose to play top tier or YOU want to get to top tier.
If you cant do it in a time or manner that YOU are happy with, that is YOUR problem, not necessarily the games issue.
If all you care about is top tier and choose to ignore everything else in the game to get there or play there, that is on you.
Do i think its particularly balanced at top tier/high tier? - No i do not, not unless using specific meta vehicles.
But there are lots of BR’s and vehicles, i play others and play top tier occasionally, i dont expect much in terms of gameplay up there.
But if you only care about top tier, i feel sorry for you for a multitude of reasons.


Why do you say “you”? I didn’t talk about myself and I have no problems with the game, I was just making an observation.
Personally I mostly play WW2 tanks so I don’t care if I unlock top tier or not, not to mention that I’m a patient person, so?

IIRC, they can make empty top tier 12.7 matches. Maybe even 13.0.

There are already virtual 13.3 games, full teams with 12.3. But it’s not often enough to save the BRs underneath from the bunch of full uptiers.

I may have phrased incorrectly, i was not referring to “you” personally.
I meant in regards to any player and their choices, no hard feelings brother.

you’re one angry contrarian fuck aren’t you

The game advertises itself as free to play and it shows jets in the promotional material, but the amount of time a F2P player spends getting top tier in this game is high and the mental stress is real. It’s possible to grind jet tier without paying but you’d be better off spending $60 or $70 just to save the time, which is what Gaijin wants.

Combine this with a real shortfall in maintenance for the WWII tiers of this game and it’s clear that the devs are following the dollar signs.