Does the Devs even play the game? -BR System-

I’ve read the rules, the wiki, watched 200+ hours of in-game content.

Does the Devs even play their own game?

I made 600 hours in 2 months and achieved top tier on Ground&Air and of course paid hella money and I really like this game but recently I started to have anxiety and anger attacks, something I never had before.

I can’t see any reason to have a F104 fighting against an F16, or having planes that hardly go 900km/h with no countermeasures at 9.0 BR with RF radar thats not even working properly, against uptier enemies with AA Missiles.

I’ve been grinding like hell and I’m literally hurting myself of cringe every time something happens in this game, I enjoy the game when I killed in an intense battle, not getting yeeted from 8kms without even seeing anything at all and it feels so disgusting to keep trying to play, then when I check the forums and reddit obviously Im not the only one having this feeling of weariness about this game.

Lower the BRs depending on tech&year of the planes, or change the 1± BR thing, let F16 fight against peers to BOTH sides can have fun.

I honestly would prefer waiting longer than joining a game, taking of and getting yeeted before even making it to the battlefield. This is frustrating.

Does the devs even play the game?
This game literally made me an unhappy person even though I enjoy it so much.

The BR system is OBVIOUSLY failing in Air Battles, RGB are smooth, fun, and exciting when you encounter an uptier, meanwhile in RAB your are literally gone if theres an uptier enemy and you can literally do nothing.

After 10 Years of PC gaming, War Thunder is the only game I play and I really enjoy this game, I want to keep playing it, but being thrown in front of Uptier enemies as easy kills started to ruin my mental health and only reason is the BR ratings being broken.


BRs have always been a weakspot in Gaijins methodology. Especially in-between 8.7 - 10.7.
Just recently started to spade my way through my last missing tec tree: Italy air, and while playing stuff like the G91YS you get to know the problems quite well. Don’t even wanna start a rant on the F104J…

Best would be for Gaijin to just take input from CC at the very least. There is soo much interest in improving the current BRs by pretty much everyone who gives a flying fuck about the state of the game. Why doesn’t Gaijin take it? Are they too scared in loosing money if premiums loose their effectiveness after some changes and in turn Gaijins profit margin or do they simply not care until the roof caves in again?


I feel the same.

I thought a lot about this problem, and i talked many times with a lot of people about it.
In my opinion the easiest way to reduce this problem is to tighten the BR range of a battle.
Currently we have 4 BR points at a battle ( e.g. 10.0 10.3 10.7 11.0). If tightening it to 3 BR points it would solve many problems while not having tricky discussions about which plane needs which BR.
But Gaijin has to create a lot more battles on their servers. I don’t know if this would be a problem.

A second not so radical solution might be to give toptier most the time “full uptiers”. I wrote it here:

But anyway…we didn’t and won’t hear or read any word about it from Gaijin…maybe they don’t read in their own forum at all. Only the snail knows…


Removing the +/- 1.0 BR will also improve gameplay and remove significant player frustration.


Just reducing it from ± 1.0 BR to ±0.7 would already do a LOAD of good!


Mhm - if you would ask hardcore tankers, you might get a similar assessment regarding your view on chances in Air RB in full uptiers. The problem starts at different BRs - but it boils down that at certain points the technology / performance gap is too large to be compensated with skill. And then you get frustrated.

On top of that gaijins claim “BRs are set that even in full uptiers there is a realistic fighting chance” is more or less a joke - just try to fight a 4.3 Yak-3 in a 3.3 Avia S-199. Furthermore their obsession to balance vehicles with plain average statistics drags objectively very good vehicles lower in their BR as soon as a lot of rookies are using them. An undertiered aircraft can kill entire lobbies in full downtiers whilst still being a top performer in full uptiers. Best example - P-39 N at BR 2.7…

Reading this and acknowledging that you played almost 300 battles last week i recommend a break, or just reduce your activity to 2-5 battles per day to fulfil daily tasks.

And you might think about your goals whilst playing the game. So playing to grind with some fun, or playing with fun and seeing the grind just as benefit…




fighting chance? how do i gonna fight it when get up tier and i don’t even have the range to dodge incoming fire because map are too small?? even play this game for 10years i still don’t know what chance do i have in some tanks like AMX-30 super fighting TURMS in CQC


You may be right, I played too much but still… I am having fun when I get a competitive game, my neurons aren’t burnt yet 😄

I don’t know how would they fix, maybe just completely remove the BR from matchmaking and define top vehicle a vehicle can match with (it’s mathematically hard af I know)

To other comments about premium vehicles, As a paying player, I don’t think that premiums are over or underpowered when competing against their peers and non premium players also would be happy to see that they CAN compete against premiums when the BR system is fixed, or made from scratch.

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Don’t kill the messenger, it is not my claim…

Imho some previous posts gave the right answer - the whole set up of BR, MM, up- and downtiers is optimized to encourage players to overcome fully intended obstacles with time or money and to keep them attached as long as possible or as long as they are willing to spend money.

Even if you have both (time & money) - a real fair gameplay can’t be their goal as is contradicting the monetary aspect.

Whilst most long term players are fully aware of this and somehow found ways to deal with it, you see often rather newer players trapped within wt…


nah i don’t mean you at the begin with claim down

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How can you do that when gaijin doesn’t balance their game or make it fun?

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No one has answered your question though, afaik no, they do not play their own game. Im 100% certain this game is just a money making endeavor and run like a business. Its insulting they asked for labor of love award. Imagine them thinking they deserve it more than a game like say DRG, or Minecraft. Games that make substantially less money too. Which is the point sorta, those devs actually care about happiness their game brings, and genuinely take pride in building the game for no other purpose that its their love child and theyre perfectionists. Those games were small projects, indie, with the desire to bring something that brings joy. Theyve expanded further than anyone ever couldve imagined. Gaijin has always made it clear warthunder would had regular technological updates, its just an ongoing MMO, thats it, its not anything special, and was the only way they would go because money. If it was really a labor of love, this game wouldnt feel like an 11 year old Beta. Its not supposed to be fleshed out, and it absolutely never will. I admit I feel stupid for ever spending money on this game, and after 11 years of barely changing, at this point I wont again until they actually stop faking caring. Fix the hundreds of meta breaking bugs. Stop being stubborn babies and listen to the community like further decompression, use player provided sources for technical performance updates instead of forcing a fake meta to artificially buff or nerf certain nations and vehicles

I have to just think there is something wrong in the head of the CEOs, its mindblowing the disconnect they have. This isnt a videogame, its a grind, a transaction. This isnt a heartfelt dev project for a mass community, its a game thats meant to appease certain minorities of people, and squeeze pain to make money out of the rest.

Gaijin needs a major internal personality overhaul before they get any love from the fanbase, but after making this game a CBT fest and abusing and even at times downright condescending and threatening the playerbase after 11 years, the community can never love them until they grow up. Idk if the CEO had a rough childhood, but this is by far the most abusive relationship Ive ever witnessed from a game company. They make EA look normal.

Im sure there are people in the company that care and actually want a good game. I can only imagine what its like internally for this studio. They just make zero sense, and give me massive Kleptocracy vibes

But it is what it is, and the entire community does wish a different dev would make something similar, even if it had less content, or if they just straight up sold the game to a better dev.

This is truth, and it takes shame, and an ability to grow to accept it. Once Gaijin does this, and the game actuay feels like it has love, the hate towards them will stop, and childish outbursts from people will probably be corrected by the community, a community which has grown to be one of the most toxic ones ive ever seen, which has grown this way from malcontent, abuse, being pitted against each other from in game issues, etc.

Ive never seen a game where devs stand by and for 11 years allow so much internal hate of a community. But that makes money, because eventually people get tired of being abused, and buy the 2S38, or SU25K, or TURM III, VIDAR, etc…