Britsh Tanks > tier III

Who cares about K/D. It’s a heavy tank with a peashooter cannon, you aren’t really meant to be racking up kills.

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Then you are useless to the team.

It is too slow, it is a CAS magnet, it has no reliable armor, pathetic gun…
Look at this:

With the Churchill 7 i somehow managed to get a near 2 K/D.

With the NA 75, that i played at BR 4.7 too, the K/D is more than double, with even less armor, and a bit better mobility.

The more than double K/D is due to a single aspect: It has APHE.

You can help your team win in more ways than getting kills. Especially in a heavy tank like the Churchill. Just drawing enemy fire is a benefit to your softer team mates.

Yeah that is the downside, but if you’re getting bombed by CAS it doesn’t really matter what tank you are in.

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Yeah, that 2 shots that will kill you.

True. cancer is cancer.

Some of you have implied that the challenger is better than the comet. I will very shortly get the Centurion and i am concidering giving it to my challenger crew, thus comet will become the back up. Then when that is spadded my comet crew will get the charioteer mk vii. Your thoughts please?

From 5.0 to 7.3 brits are one of the worst nations in the game. You have a small number of functional vehicles, but mostly you are playing underpowered tanks with no armor, solid shot, and nearly no advantage over the tanks you are fighting. To make it worse, your BR clusters have been broken up so you have to play with only 1 or 2 of your vehicles at the higher BR you are playing.

I guess britian got to strong for there own good and are over tird

Brits have never been considered a strong nation. Even back when they were the only nation with high teir stabs, they were still mediocre because of the power of ‘cheatfs’. Hesh got nerfed just before the IS6 came out and has never been functional since. The centurion mk3 went from 7.0 to now 8.0. The centurion mk1 and charioteer used to be 5.7. APDS has been nerfed numerous times and shell shatter was added and constantly messed around with until its happening constantly. At this point, its a joke.

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Shoot centre mass, avoid modules and crew. On anything other then light tanks aim for a spot with space behind it most central to the crew layout. The cone can then form and will one shot tanks.

Any Cromwell hull has bad reverse so be careful in where you situate yourself because you can’t just back into cover like others.

Don’t show your side armour at all (exception churchills) , the armour is too thin and aphe or he on your tracks will kill you.

Remember you have really good pen and most tanks armour can’t stop you. You have a fast reload, flat shooting rounds and the best average gun depression so use your terrain and gun handling to your advantage where you can.

Basically after you leave 3.7, right up to the point where you get the Vickers Mk1, all british tanks are practically useless (except the Churchill NA (NA stands for “Not Awful”) 75, since it is 4.3).
Maybe a Concept 3, and very maybe the Challenger (and the FV4005, but that’s more of a troll vehicle) are usable, but the rest…

And then, with the Cent Mk10 (EDIT:) and the Vickers Mk 1 (END EDIT), you get 2 extremely good tanks, after you have lost your sanity.

Is that with APDS?

It does not matter. What he said is true in only a very small amount of cases.

Usually you will have to pick crew 1by1, or aim for ammo.

no its true in most cases. people who shoot crew individually are making their life very difficult.

basic rule of any solid shot ammo.

old video but principles apply still to any br.

Because your third person camera is above your gun. Your camera might see above the rock but your gun is not.

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So is it normal that i can not do a bino shot with APDS while in hull down?

Depending on the terrain, yes. Binos are above your gun so just because you have a shot with your binos, does not mean that the gun is clear

If you are struggling 5 you wont do any better at 6.The comet is back to 5.3 so you could get a good line up around that level.Do you have access to premiums?

In my experience I somewhat differ regarding “low BR APDS being trash.”

I just recently spaded the Pvkv IV, and I was getting plenty of one or two-taps with the APDS, even vs Russians. The SU-122’54 I used recently also works just fine with its 3BM7.

The Conqueror’s problem is moreso the reload rate. The APDS postpen is low-ish, especially for how much pen it has, and definitely should be increased. The M103 is missing the same round (called T102 HVAPDS) in fact, which penned an even more obscene 546mm in testing.

So yes, I think APDS postpen should increase somewhat, as should all APCR, but it’s not that godawful. The Conqueror is still hilarious to one or two-tap “Target (II) Practice” across the map through their angled UFPs. Nevermind KTHs or Jagdtigers or anything else. Only the IS-4M gave me any trouble.

I am premium, i now have the Charioteer mk vii now. I would not of been able to get this far with out premium thats for sure. Im dong ok ish and i say ish, i make a lot of school boy errors like rushing in, theres not much i can do when you play Britian and only being used to make team numbers up is pretty crap. I need to find good british players in the same match as me so i can watch replays but i dont see any british seasoned players about