Remove Air spawn from GRB

And obviously, he has to get into these “ah you play arcade”, “you play assault” ramblings, because he has no real arguments.

Many CASvocates are awfully dishonest. They can’t defend their mode with any factual thing.
Thy see that the playerbase start go get fed up with the CAS situation, and they are horrified by the thought of their beloved mode gets demolished.

It’s a helluva lot easier to hit a moving target (say, a plane) with a fast firing gun (say, an SPAA) with a lead indicator than without. That’s why in RB radar SPAA are much higher BR than their unguided counterparts. It’s also a lot easier to accurately drop bombs with a giant x marking where they will land.

So both SPAA and CAS are much, much easier in arcade. Yet you have a negative KD or neutral in most of those vehicles. Except the I-16 for some reason which you’ve played like 100 rounds with. Seriously, what do you like about reserve tier? I always hated those slow ass vehicles that can’t get enough energy for any decent string of maneuvers. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two, or maybe it’s just an arcade thing.

CAS haters need to insult their opponents and resort to strawmen because they have nothing of substance to contribute to the discussion, just like the rest of their life.

Actually, that’s an unfair generalization. It’s really mainly you.

Easier to use CAS, and easier to shoot them down. The 2 things are making it neutral.

What exactly?

Every single plane match on my record is from either Air Arcade or Air Realistic, 95% of them are from 2014 when i played the game with 20fps in 720p at the lowest settings…
The remaining plane matches are somewhat recent, and i played those to get some BP missions.

Quote the exact line i insulted CAS players!
Tho seeing how much evidence you provided previously when i asked something similar, you either will ignore it, or misrepresent something.

That’s only viable for BR’s 4.3-7.3 Spaa’s as they don’t have a radar, and boo hoo, you don’t know your guns lead, that sounds like a you problem. Just saying, spaa isn’t the only solution to the CAS problem, there a reason there are fighters, but ope! You don’t know the lead on those either!
The game is about your depth perception, weapons ability, and reaction time, too bad if you ain’t good at that. If you are, great!

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Not how that works. You should have both bigger kills on tanks with air and higher kill on air with SPAA. Unless arcade players only ever use CAS against SPAA which would be pretty ballsy but unlikely.

Breaths in

What is that even supposed to mean

How much you wanna bet his response is “what a pussy those aren’t insults you liar!!1!1!” :p

He doesn’t play any higher than about BR 5.7 with a couple exceptions

Who is he?

Oho, the guy who plays arcade with SPAA lead indicator at a BR where that isn’t present for RB yet he still thinks AB isn’t easier for SPAA

O_HO? Yeah, I think he explained himself about that, he uses it for spading and grinding purposes. Still, my statement is fully applicable to everyone. Just gonna be real, practice against friends in private custom matches is good practice, I personally don’t do that, I just trial by fire it, I just learn better that way. Still, the Arcade battles give the aircraft a bomb indicator, and a missile indicator if I remember properly.

Yeah, and a locked 10s bomb fuze iirc

Rockets* aren’t though. If it’s a big enough bomb and open top it won’t matter.

Do you… Do you think, that the ground unit kills on my plane stas are player vehicles in ground mode?

Do you know, that you just exactly proved what i said there?
No problem, i will put in the whole text!

You took down the first word, so it looks like i use it to every single one of them.
You are one awfully dishonest CASvocate…

You enjoy killing tanks in planes, while you know they can’t do anything.
One of your points why CAS is good, was that it is fun. I made an analogy to that.
Let me put in the whole thing:
And the rest just proves it. Maybe next time try to copy the whole context. Oh wait, that exposes your dishonesty!

There is no missile indicator that tells where it will land.

That is a lie.

Do you know, that is is so easy to check it, and point out your obvious lie?
First page of my statcard, all of them over 5.7!

Second, page, 5 vehicles, that are 5.7, rest is above.

Only page 3 where bellow 5.7 vehicles appear.

You sorted by rank my guy. Sort by number of battles lol

Shifting the goalposts.

Ooh another one for the list

You keep insulting CAS players, calling them liars, and contributing nothing. Come on my guy. You can’t weasel your way out of this lol.

Because you are dishonest, and you lie.

Shifting the goalposts after your defense for my response to “where did I ever insult CAS players” was “no, I didn’t say all CAS players!!!”
While ignoring the half dozen or so times you call CAS players bad, with no skill, cancer, etc

Quote the exact line where I lied