Britsh Tanks > tier III

I find it ok to, i have gone head to head with tigers and when i get the first shot in on the gunner its fine, but i also get many assits from not having a fast enough reload due to team finishing off the kill or im killed by there team

You will get used to it ,its just different

Tanks is new to me but i swear i played this game years ago on my old pc and its definitely was not the other game (cough, cough).

Anyone know why i cant load 17pdr smoke shells in test drive while i have APDS selected in modifications?

Because you have 4 ammo slots and the ammo selected in modification just switches the ammo in the first slot.

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I have come to the conclusion that Gaijin have made britian unplayable in many ways, form giving in to the majority ie usa, germany and russia with the best hardware and for also making maps smaller for yound brawlers. Cant flank and find it hard to find hull down positions. Its very embarrassing playing britian to the point i might quit

What are the 2 good tanks?

Used to be a TD too, like the Avenger was. A lot has altered since those days.

AP performance has been mucked around with a lot too, one year of using a vehicle is completely different to another solely because of this, ignoring other factors.

I do wonder why AP was given a “realistic” mechanic and (I guess) performance, yet shells with HE filler are complete fantasy with no drawbacks. Of course BRs are set by how people use them, depending on who uses them (minor v major). I understand how AP might get more notice at highest tiers due to the move to modern rounds but around WWII-type era and below it makes no sense to worsen an already poor shell (comparison of post pen effects, context of shell shatter).

Sorry, i left out the Vickers Mk1 xd. I corrected it in the initial comment.

Solidshot is not realistic. There are no spalling many times, and even if there are, they do practically nothing.

I have all of rank 5 researched just need SL, is the rest of rank 5 worth making a line up with the mk10 and vickers, also sorry to bug you which is more dominant the mk10 or vickers?

You can use the Falcon and the Swingfire, and also maybe the Eland as a “last stand”, but certainly the best are the Vickers Mk1, the Cent Mk 10 and the Falcon.

It depends on your playstyle. The Cent is slower, with worse reload, but has some armor, that can save it sometimes in you are top tier (which is extremely rare, but still). It also has ~3 more ready rounds, and better gun depression (10 instead of 7).

On the other hand, the Vickers is faster, has a much faster reload (5s aced).

Objectively they are both the ame effectiveness, and as i said, your playstyle will determine which one will you like more.

5.3 is pretty rough at the moment unless you have premiums.

Personally I suggest going back to 4.7 and using that to grind 6.0, the Centurion Mk I is far better. You just need to save up a bunch of backups. If you can’t do that just use 4.7 to grind to 7.7.

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Pretty much that is what i done, i had saved every back up since i started playing and have a 7.7 line up and also have sweden to 7.7

Is this down to performance of rounds? 5.3-5.7 used to be an ok spot (depending on Comet placement).

In addition, there is another difference between tungsten alloy and tungsten carbide APDS, tungsten carbide APDS tend to break when passing a sheet of a certain thickness, which means that in spaced armor they break and do not completely pierce the armor, but when piercing a homogeneous plate that projectile fragments more than the tungsten alloy one, so it does more damage. All this in reality, the piece of shit damage model of this game I think does not differentiate in the damage of those two types of projectiles, in the same way as the 115mm 3BM3 and 3BM4, one is made of tungsten carbide and the other is made of steel.

I know, i just did not write it down there. After the APDS changes, a Conqueror could not pen any spaced armor for example.
4+4mm structural steel +15mm RHA, and it shattered.

There is. A 105mm alloy APDS does more damage than a 120mm carbide APDS.

Not really, tungsten carbide fragments more, which is why it would cause more damage, however the tungsten alloy was better for inclined armor and was not affected as much by spaced armor, which is why tungsten carbide was stopped being used.
In the case you have mentioned, what would be certain is that the Conqueror’s APDS would do more damage through spalling than the chieftain’s APDS, but the chieftain’s bullet could pierce spaced and inclined armor much more easily.

IRL yes. But i was talking about in game.

Ahh, ok, yes, that’s what hasn’t been touched, a completely fantastic and unreal damage model.
I am surprised by the people who think they are playing a simulator, when this is almost the WOT, a real shame.

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