British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

Well… The target could just move as well. The GPS coordinate I dont think could be updated after it left the aircraft.

It would be great fun for taking out static targets in ARB and ASB, but in GRB it would only be good for knocking out those camping/SPAA not moving much.

Do you mean JDAMs? Their benefit is being able to be carried on more stations than Paveways, being easier to toss bomb and being FnF. They would be a big upgrade for dealing with SPAA, and if they give the LJDAM you get the best of both worlds with moving targets updating.

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Essentially, I think Britain used ePaveways and not JDAMs. But for other nations, yeah JDAMs

Im doubting we would get dual mode bombs initially. Force the choice between taking either Laser Guided or GPS guided bombs. though in the future they would be good.

But yeah, the ability to drop multiple at once at multiple targets within an area or loft a load at a single target from further away would be great fun. Also opens the door for Glide bombs and Cruise missiles too

We already have kind of dual mode bombs. JH-7A is absolute monster with IOG GBUS. When I fly it I am literally invulnerable to SPAA any kind. From spawn I quickly point active target point over their base and loft the GBU. IT KNOWS where to go exactly with accuarcy of 200 metres and when there is a SPAA, I point laser over it and it corrects at 6 KM from the target directly at it, when I fly 90 degrees from the SPAA, it cannot hit me.

The GBU-24 is already essentially GPS guided. You can mark a target point them drop it without using the laser at all.

Or you can mark a target point and activate the laser at a later point to make it switch target:


Ah, thank you, though I rarely use those, usually just the 500s.

When using the GBU-24 with the Gripen its pretty easy to set a point in the enemy spawn, lob the bastard at some Pantsirs and runaway. You can laze to correct but I find they don’t often bother moving at all.

So the GBU-24’s have DL? Is this a recent addition or a bug that’s going to be fixed as soon as?

as far as i know it has been in there for a while and is an intended mechanic
it also shows on the statcard

Not DL but IOG. And they are laser guided. The IOG guides them to the last known postion of the laser, and the seeker keeps looking for for the laser. When you activate the laser near its last seen position the seeker will reaquire it, turn off IOG and return to tracking. No DL takes place.
(Rant) AGM-114K should aslo be able to do it, but when the laser is turned off, IOG does not guide the missile to the last known laser position, but makes it go straight, so when missile is climbing and you turn the laser off, instead of going to the last known laser position, it will keep climbing, when the missile was in level flight it will keep it etc.
(yes i had to put the rant here, im annoyed)


yep the state of Hellfires in the game is just complete shite


Yeah, my interest is more like, flying over a battlefield in SB and dropping half a dozen Paveways onto half a dozen different targets in a single pass.

Real life.



You get a source for that? IF SO WE NEED TO REPORT IT

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The top down lofting? Yeah hang on.

This is where I found the top pic
I’m 99% sure an AGM-65 version did something like this.

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Oh that topic, i forgot it existed

I definetly remember it not lofting iirc. Meaning unless it was dropped from height, it had greatly reduced range


This is how it works currently.

Yea, the loft got passed