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So how IOG works on the R-24R and apparently the GBU-24. Any other IOG stuff in game? Not including DL in it like R-27 and AIM-54.


Doesnt the soviets have a bomb with it as well?

R27 and 54 also have iog. 114k, GB1000


Yep, just looked, was thinking of the TV guided ones.

That being said: JH-7A in China has 2 GB250 and GB1000 is Laser+IOG

oh yea, the smaller one also have iog

But not the GB500s

Im not well informed so i have no idea if they should have it or no.

Nor am I, just interesting that the small and large ones do, but the medium ones dont. Must be a reason for it.

Did we ever use the Paveway III? I know we have the Paveway IV’s but did we use anything other than the GBU-24?


According to the Tornado thread, yes on the Tornado Gr1 and Gr4 and same again according to the Harrier II thread.

Whats the difference between Paveway III and GBU-24

That answer that :D

GBU-24 is Paveway III.
It’s a series. Paveway II is the one used on the GBU-12,16 and Mk.13.
Paveway III is the upgrade so imagine every version of the Mk.80 series to have the IOG and fins of the GBU-24.

Pavs 3, e2 and 4 all have iog

GBU-10 (Mk.84 2000lb)
GBU-24 (Mk.84 2000lb)

English please?

Look twins

Paveway III, Enhanced Paveway II and Paveway IV all have Internal Ordinance Guidance