British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

SRAAM needs to be fired above 400-500kph. It does not work at low speed.

Centurion archer anyone?
Can use HE and HESH rounds and a version was tested with the 105 from the Abbot.


I have mixed emotions…

What’re the odds Gaijin programme’s Brimstone to aim for the turret neck on armoured vehicles? I was reading up and it can selectively hit tracks, mantlets, engine decks, turret necks.

That gun is lacking in length… girthy build tho XD

This thing?

Fun fact, Scimitar cant deploy flaps over 640 kph

another fun fact:

how the fuck do you land this thing:

on a carrier
it just doesnt look safe

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It can grow



It sure does not, not like anyone cared or something

Where HotTog?

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Chieftain experimental vehicles

what on earth are those missile sfx xD



nah buddy having doppler shifted better call saul is an experience

the experience:

They probly caught it in a crash net lol

I was doing some research about the Phantom F.3 and am coming on conflicting evidence of it containing equipment for VTAS.
On one hand, one thing I read said that VTAS equipment stayed on the helmets and/or the helmets were converted back to standard, and VTAS wasn’t used, and on another hand some other places say that the VTAS system was never installed on any of the F-4Js that would wind up becoming Phantom F.3s.
And some other places say that the VTAS equipment would’ve been retrofitted to previous blocks of Phantoms and maybe one of those became a Phantom F.3 at some point. I really don’t know, is there a manual or something I can check? Maybe pictures of the pilots’ helmets?

The weapons manual confirms the switches and radar support was there for the VTAS helmet. But to my knowledge the helmets didn’t retain the sight.


So, anyone else think its about time we start seeing GPS guided Paveways? I think they would be an interesting F&F weapon system. Especially if you could designate multiple targets before dropping

It really wouldn’t be all that OP other than how it’s unjammable. I.e TV, IR, and laser guided bombs can be blocked by a smokescreen.