Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

To my understanding some thrust vectoring systems are not made to be operated below certain speeds. MICA for example is manufactured and designed to work at 0m/s launch speed from ships and vertical launch SAMs.

So a thrust vectoring method that’s more efficient at 0 launch speed is less likely to fail at low speed launches than one than needs a higher launch speed. I’m not sure about the R-73, but allegedly SRAAM needs some kind of launch speed to operate effectively?


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SRAAM needed to be launched at 500kts I think. Though it is a 1970s weapon that had TVC and all-aspect. So kinda cant fault it for that limitation.

In-game… It does funky stuff regarldess of launch speed. During my testing I made sure i was WAY above that min


U sure 500?

I remember it used to be the Guaranteed kill missile when it was new

but so were AiM-9J, R-60 and Magic 1

Slightly mis-remebered. But I knew there was a 500 in there somewhere :D


Knots and km/h are a Slight difference

Now thats better, 500kts would be nearly 1000kph, so would not be usable in any situation at all irl and in game

I’m not at all frustrated by that. Sounds good to me.

Will explain why they seem to work fine at 400kts :D

Sure. But I’m not making that argument.

I make the argument that what can go wrong, will go wrong.

I wouldn’t mind if, say, 1/200 times I fire my sidewinder, that some part of it failed, like one of the control surfaces or a particular part of the guidance system or whatever.

Would make it more realistic and authentic. I like that and appreciate it.

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Yeah, even a year or so ago. They were a LOT stronger. But these days. Hunter F6 and Harrier Gr1 are probably over BRed. But the fear of SRAAM remains. though fixed and buffed SRAAMs will mitigate that.

that being said. really hope we get a Hawk equipped with them. Something with flares and theyd make a great buff for the Jaguar

If you’re going to model failure rates then model them across the board. Not just nerf the missiles because your too lazy to code them properly.


Ah, yes, let’s add one more way for RNG to make gameplay worse without the player being able to mitigate it

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If we dont get our first dev blog tomorrow ill be super confused


oh the good ol’ days of top tier F-4E vs MiG-21bis. the bis had 6x R60s and becuz there was no flares or BVRAAMs it was OP as hell
oh the good ol’ days

Ah you’ll be able to buy crew skill points to increase your weapon maintenance level, which will reduce the failure rate of all weapons!

I much prefer the F4E vs MiG-21SMT/MF times

the first time I’ve been at full top tier, I remember then the G.91R/3 was so good that I could grind the MiG in 2 days with it

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Ye i still have a tali on the R3 becuz of those days lol