British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

Yea Afghanistan. IDK what i did there, thanks for finding that.


One thing that I find very weird is that in game it has the same weight as L26, despite it being a presumably longer penetrator. Do you think Gaijin have got the dimensions wrong?


length is right, its probably the weight that is wrong.

Both weights a dimensions are likely wrong in game. It seems like L26 is a 505x25.64, at 4.85kg at 1500/1600m/s.
L27 is probably closer to 625-640mm rather than the 600 it is in game. But is likely not 1650m/s.

Says who lol?

Just don’t really get how a bigger projectile can somehow weigh less, it’s an obvious performance loss in game.

Based on pictures of the training round no? but the weight of the penetrator should from what I’ve seen weight more. There is a 1.5kg difference in weigh (including the petals) between the L26 and L27.

That was proto L27 and so we can’t use it as a definitive value.

Yeah the training round is 660mm. How big the penetrator is is still technically up for debate.

Comet with some appliqué armour anyone?


Irish Churchill Mk VI with a 600hp merlin?


This is how bad the SRAAM is.


This would be good, anything to stop it being so easy to cut through.

I have surprising success with angling it though (even more so on the Cromwells).

Here is the old forum suggestion



Sraam needs your plane to be in move decently fast to work. And here is vtol.

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also funny thing, Hunter and Harrier have different visual models for their SRAAMs and similar to the AAM-3s the Harriers SRAMs model seems to have the protective caps covering the seekers on them

It’s representative of how the missile was presented on these respective aircraft in real life, at different stages of SRAAM development. The seeker cover fairing was added later

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Do you think it would be better to have the two seat Harrier for the purpose of having SRAAM and removing it from the Gr.1 and putting it at 9.3 or something?