British Aerospace Hawk 200: The Hawk Becomes The Hunter

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BAe Hawk 200

Hello and welcome to my suggestion for the BAe Hawk 200! an armed version of the popular Hawk trainer aircraft! I feel this should be in game in order to add a highly manoeuvrable High tier Jet fighter, something the British tree lacks severely after the Hunter.



In 1984 British Aerospace (now BAE Systems) began developing a combat variant of the popular Hawk trainer in use around the world, designated Hawk 200, up to this point all hawk variants had been designed purely for Advanced stage training, with combat ability being more of an afterthought. A single flying demonstrator (with there also being other Prototypes built) was constructed to aid the development process which made its first flight in mid May 1986.

Unfortunately only 2 months after its first flight, at Dunsfield aerodrome the demonstrator was lost in a fatal accident that killed BAe test pilot Jim Hawkins, Hawkins apparently lost conciseness after suffering from g-LOC whilst performing High-g manoeuvres to explore the Hawks agility. Despite this horrible accident BAe chose to continue with the hawks development and by 1987 the first pre-production models were being produced with the first order of twelve Hawk 203s in 1990 all of which were delivered by 1993.

Since then the Hawk has gone on to serve in three main air forces; The Indonesian Air Force, The Royal Malaysian Air Force, and the Royal Air Force of Oman. In total 62 Hawk 200s plus the demonstrator have gone into service, with 47 still being in active condition today



Image of the Second Hawk 200 Prototype at Farnborough on 04/09/1988

Graphic depicting different Hawk 200 prototypes and their paint schemes suggesting possible camouflage options for the Hawk in game


image taken of the initial Demonstrator Aircraft during engine tests


The Initial Demonstrator Aircraft during construction between 1985 and 1986

Specifications/ Armament


General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 11.38 m (37 ft 4 in)
  • Wingspan: 9.39 m (30 ft 10 in)
  • Height: 4.16 m (13 ft 8 in)
  • Wing area: 16.69 m2 (179.6 sq ft)
  • Aspect ratio: 5.3
  • Empty weight: 4,128 kg (9,101 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 9,101 kg (20,064 lb)
  • Fuel capacity: 1,360 kg (3,000 lb) internal: 3,210 kg (7,080 lb) with 3 drop tanks
  • Powerplant: 1 × Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour Mk 871 non-afterburning turbofan, 26 kN (5,800 lbf) thrust


  • Maximum speed: 1,037 km/h (644 mph, 560 kn) at sea level
  • Maximum speed: Mach 1.2 (never exceed at altitude)
  • Cruise speed: 796 km/h (495 mph, 430 kn) at 12,500 m (41,000 ft)
  • Stall speed: 197 km/h (122 mph, 106 kn) flaps down
  • Range: 892 km (554 mi, 482 nmi) internal fuel only
  • Combat range: 617 km (383 mi, 333 nmi) with 3x Sea Eagle and 2x 592 L (156 US gal; 130 imp gal)
  • Ferry range: 1,950 km (1,210 mi, 1,050 nmi) with 3 drop tanks
  • Service ceiling: 15,250 m (50,030 ft)
  • g limits: +8 -3
  • Rate of climb: 58.466 m/s (11,509.1 ft/min)
    • Takeoff distance with maximum weapon load: 2,134 m (7,001 ft)
    • Landing distance at maximum landing weight with brake chute: 854 m (2,802 ft)
    • Landing distance at maximum landing weight without brake chute: 1,250 m (4,100 ft)


  • Guns: 1 × 30 mm (1.181 in) Aden cannon with 120 rounds in a pod under the Fuselage, could carry 2 25mm Aden cannons in the nose as well (100 rpg)

  • Hardpoints: Total of 7: 4 × under-wing; and 1 × under-fuselage; and 2 × wingtip , with provisions to carry combinations of:

  • Other:

    • Reconnaissance pod
    • Up to 3 drop tanks) for ferry flight or extended range/loitering time
  • Rockets:

    • SNEB
    • CRV7
    • Thomson-Brandt LR 100-4
  • Missiles:

  • Air-to-air missiles:

    • AIM-120 AMRAAM
    • Skyflash
    • Active Skyfash
    • AIM-132 ASRAAM
    • AIM-9 Sidewinder
  • Air-to-surface missiles:

    • AGM-65 Maverick
    • ALARM Anti radiation missile
    • Sea Eagle Anti Ship Missile
  • Bombs:

    • Mark 82 bomb
    • Mark 83 bomb
    • Paveway II (Only when Using FLIR nose modification)
    • BL755 cluster bomb
  • Avionics

    • AN/APG-66H Radar (Slightly Reduced abilities compared to the standard model in game onboard the F-16As)


    • Marconi forward-looking infrared camera

  • Countermeasures

    • 2 ALE-47 Bins mounted above engine exhaust (30 Large calibre or 60 Regular calibre)

Hawk 200 in Game


In game I feel the Hawk 200 would be a useful addition to the British TT as it lacks high tier manoeuvrable fighters, having to rely on aircraft either that lack good missile armament (The Jaguar in particular with only 2 Aim-9Gs) or aircraft that lack almost all dogfighting ability (The Phantoms and Tornados being prime examples). Whilst this aircraft is subsonic (something British players will be used to at high tiers with the Harriers) it will offer a significant manoeuvrability upgrade over anything already in the British tree and with the ability to carry 4 Aim-9s (Most likely L or M variants) and 2 Skyflashes giving it a powerful bite for a deceivingly small and slow aircraft.

I would suggest that in game the hawk be split into two versions; an early version with just Aim-9s and Skyflashes at the 10.3-11.7 bracket, and a late version with ASRAAMS and AMRAAMS at the 12.3-13.7 bracket



British Aerospace Hawk 200 - Wikipedia
Hobby Boss Bae Hawk Mk.200 (208, 209) 1:48 - Scale Modelling Now
British Aerospace Hawk 200, ZH200 / 356, BAE Systems : ABPic
BAE Hawk


Some additional images thanks to @AVROVULCANXH558 as he used them in his hawk100 early suggestion, check it out!




That is a BEAUTIFUL plane. +1 on looks alone!

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Some British cammos for it




You could also add ALARM here.


Hey i just saw the wierd square rocket pod in the picture, amy ideas what it is? cause im fairly certain its not a CVR7 or SNEB?

Additional photos for the ALE-47 countermeasure pods, thanks to @galaxygms for supplying me them.




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Looks like the Thomson-Brandt LR 100-4 launcher
We got them in game on the French TT, both Jaguars and Super Etandard, labeled as TBA.


They could do a red arrows version as a premium or as an event vehicle

The red arrows never flew these so it wouldn’t be possible, however the red arrows did fly Gnat T.1s and Hawk T.1As (which both carried armament), there’s already a suggestion for the Hawk T1.A red arrows by AVROVULCANXH558


Thanks for the correction! I hadn’t noticed the other suggestion either.

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+1 Need this jet fighter because currently great britain tech tree lack multirole fighter

I guess Hawk 200 Early very good multirole fighter 11.3-11.7 and Hawk 200 Late good multirole fighter 12.7-13.0


Yep, 9Ls would make the early higher than 11.0 imo, maybe 9Ps would make it 11.0.

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Actually F-4K Phantom FG.1 & F-4M Phantom FGR.2 performance & payload better BAE Hawk 200 but no guided Air-to-Ground & FLIR pod

You guess Hawk 200 Early 11.7 BR same Harrier GR.7 or lower ?

The phantoms are faster and carry more payload, but in game I would say that the Hawk would perform better just for the better manoeuvrability and, as you said, guided A2G weapons.
I could see it going to 11.7, we will see what Gaijin will do.

you have to remember its sub sonic though, i think it would be more reasonable at 11.3 or 11.0 cause if its at 11.7 it wont be able to keep up with its counterparts, plus the early variant will only carry Aim-9s and Skytrashes, meaning unless it get Aim-9Ms it will struggle

i think aim-9Ls at 11.3 would work though

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Thats the thing, the GR.7 is also subsonic at 11.7. The 200 has more missiles, better maneuvrabillity while being less capable of ground pounding. While the GR.7 is better at ground attack.

9Ls and Skyflashes would, without a doubt, make it more than 11.0, both 11.3 and 11.7 are possible.


BAE Hawk manoeuvrable at low speed better BAE Harrier II and McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II ?

I guess BAE Hawk 200 good CAS and ground attack because variety of guided ground ordnance but not sure larger or smaller Harrier GR.7 & Harrier GR.9A

also found this
No sauce unfortunately :(


No Skyflashes?

plus on one of the images shown above the Hawk clearly has Aim 9s mounted of a twin mount