Britain SPAA Voids - what could be added?

Nope, its a bug. Max settings here. Doesnt retract anymore.

Is it still visible to enemies though? for something like the ZA-35 that is going to be pretty horrendous if it is visible.

I have no idea, but I would have to assume so. I have been playing around that BR, and have seen a number of Gepards with radar up at times I was surprised they didnt retract it. Possibly the same issue for them

Surprised the Warrior VERDI-2 hasn’t been suggested yet

40mm cannon and Starstreaks.


I want to say Verdi-2 was on the old forum. - VERDI-2 Warrior - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum

Eye candy as required, to be applied liberally
Uses a CTAI 40mm to be specific, which I think is similar to that on the Ajax
Link for muh photos + brief summary Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle - Think Defence

That said on this page there appears to be drawings for an ADATS or Rapier SAM fit. Which if you ask me is an abomination worse than Tracked Rapier.


The warrior ADATS was made but idk to what extent what functionality it had


I stand corrected

When things share names, things get confusing fast.

Javelin Javelin and Javelin are technically 3 different things 🤣

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Another potential option is the BAeD Laserfire SAM, which was a Rapier that was laser guided iirc. I am in the process of finding information about it. It was tested on a Land Rover (?) but ultimately never saw any usage.


I still love the idea of zipping around a top tier match in a land rover

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Hey that’s my image from looooooong ago xD


But yeah more Marksman’s would be nice. The Vickers one I like the most because of it’s much better manoeuvrability compared to the other British options.
Not counting the G6 because that wasn’t made as a working prototype.


As much as i agree what we really need is some sort of IR SAM equivalent. We have a gaping whole between 8.3 and 10.3 where we have no AA. Which leaves us struggling with Guns only AA against standoff platforms, unless you have the points and a viable fighter in the lineup (I do, but I appreciate not everyone would)

Hell! That seems a bit “top-heavy” doesn´t it? XD

It’s mounted on a tripod/pedestal

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I’ve seen a lot of talk of the gap between the ZA-35 and Stormer HVM, and while that needs to be addressed, addressing the gap between the Skink and Falcon is also a must, though a difficult one.

The Fox AA and Ferret 80 are both armed with a high velocity 20mm cannon in an enclosed, albeit lightly armored, superstructure, which is more than can be said for the Ystervark. Providing the vehicle with a 20mm APDS round would potentially allow it to perform at a higher BR as a hybrid recce/AA vehicle.

An honorable mention goes to the Argus reconnaissance vehicle. While it has extremely good elevation, the ADEN it uses has a reduced fire rate as well as being an ADEN, which means the velocity isn’t the greatest compared to the first two vehicles I listed. Still, it is noteworthy for having decent anti-aircraft capability.

Shoutouts to Nathan for the suggestion posts for these.

Now, if we are willing to examine exports and/or Commonwealth, we may be able to turn up a few more options.

This is an Alvis Stormer operated by Malaysia using the same turret as is found on the aforementioned Ferret 80, also using a 20mm cannon. This would arguably be worse, but is an easier addition considering the hull is already modeled in game and would need only slight adjustments to replicate this vehicle.

Moving to the gap between the ZA-35 and Stormer HVM, Singapore’s M113A2 “Ultra Mechanised Igla” provides an interesting MANPADS system which could reasonably sit around 9.3. As the name implies, it is an M113 carrying six Igla missiles. There is also a version without the search/track radar to keep it in line with other similar systems if necessary.


This last one is a real stretch but I felt it was worth mentioning as it seems roughly similar, capability wise, to the Chinese PGZ09. South Korea launched a failed bid to export their K30 Biho SHORAD vehicle to India, which the latter evaluated and earmarked for purchase before suddenly changing their minds. However, due to its iffy nature of acquisition, as well as dealing a major blow to the unique flavor of a potential Korean tree, this is an absolute last resort in my opinion, as cool as I find it.


Regarding the stormer with a helio turret the british pilot demonstrater is likely a better addition soley for the fact it has more smoke launchers ;)

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some photos of it


as you can see in the line up there are additional smoke dischargers on the hull

plus all the documentation you need for the turret


One of the AA gaps is also being discussed in another thread

We are trying to drum up support for the Stormer AA as it would be an easy addition for Gaijin. Please go support this thread!

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RB70 is already in game on the 10.0 Swedish vehicle, how about that?


Whole thing gets a +1 from me. Would love to see any new SPAA for the UK. Espcially the Chieftain Sabre and Warrior VERDI-2.