Britain Air Tree - What's left to be added for all BRs

I mean… precedence

plus its not as if we exactly have a lot going on at that sort of BR. we’ve got Hunters running SRAAMs which makes them a nightmare to balance, the lightning that is also a nightmare too (thanks to Red Tops being pretty much useless now)

I can’t see what would hurt

not sure if this has already been said, but what about the prototype Sea Vixen FAW.1 with ADENs?

4 ADENs + 4 Firestreaks would be quite a menace

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It was talked about time ago, but it was lost to the void. Nothing about it has been heard for years.

maybe time to revive that idea, theres a few gaps around that area the Prototypes and nearly finished aircraft could fill

T.545, FAW.1 with ADENs, P.1154, F-111K, etc


That got a no. Maybe in the future it will change, but it is a no for now


yeah, i meant to say TSR.2 but got them mixed up

3 hrs of sleep goes wild lol

Plus it would be a pretty cool event or squadron vehicle though, at least better than some Indian aircraft ive never heard of


Someone should make a thread for a commonwealth line for the British Air tech tree

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@Morvran You update another aircraft list from me & him (@Headnaught) and calculate battle rating


I shall when I get a chance (and battle ratings are a total guess, not overly accurate)

There are a lot of aircraft variants that can bring more variety to the British tree, especially in the ww2 era.

Spitfires (and yes I know we already have a lot of them) could have more variety than they currently do. The important things to add in terms of providing something worthwhile, not just a slightly different engine or armament, would be more clipped wing an extended wing variants. The Mk.Vb and Vc should have clipped wings available, the Mk.VII and VIII cold easily be added with extended wings. The Mk.XII and a clipped wing, bubble canopy XIV would add some more variety to mid-tier griffon Spitfires.

It’s a similar story with many types already in game. Variants that offer a different dynamic to an aircraft are missing. Some types even have only a single variant implemented currently, but had a hugely varied service life in the real world.

Even when these variants have been exhausted, there is the option for more foreign built types in British service. The current tree seems to have a bias against including these. We could absolutely have an F86 in the tech tree. We could have a B29 as the Washington B1. And when even all these have been added, commonwealth sub-trees could definitely be added!


i wouldnt want more spitfire variants, regardless of wing configuration for them as i just dont see them as an important part of a tech tree.

id rather prefer more less used/known british planes during/inter/after ww2:
fairey gannet, fairey barracuda fairey fulmar, the sea mosquitos, the sea hornets, bomber mosquitos, night fighter versions of current aircraft (meteor, mosquito, fulmar mk3) as they would actually bring something unique to the main tech tree


Supermarine spiteful and seafang would be nice to see. And I am still obsessed with seeing Superswift and Gnat.


Superswift? we all are. shame it’d probably not be that useful anymore but…

I still think it would do well against the Mig-19’s and others at 9.3, with all-aspects it would be useless above that though. Shame it wasn’t added when it was relevant.

Still QoL for the tree is important as there’s little reason to grind it when you can find all our best stuff in other trees with better grinds.

I’m thinking I might make an updated tree suggestion with all the unadded aircraft highlighted using this thread and some other of my personal interests as it will be surprising just how much will be/would have been ‘meta’.

absolutely. had it been thought of when F-100 and MiG-19 originally came out, i suspect it wouldve aged very well.

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Apparently this absolute epitomy of British mid-century Sci-fi started construction, Gaijin when do we get the Mach 3+ nuclear bomber with an early nuclear cruise missile?



And apperantly also carrier capable even if I wonder how the fuckXD

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I would also like to see more variants of those other types. In general, I feel there is a lot of room for sideways expansion of the game with missing variants- whether that is yet another Spitfire with a new take on the aircraft or a bomber mossie, or whatever else. It makes the game feel much more fleshed out and complete.

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The Supermarine Spiteful would be a nice late-props successor to the spitfire, it was produced and used after all.


Gaijin will see it as an improvement to the MK.24 and put it at 7.3.

Nonetheless would love to see them.

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