Britain Air Tree - What's left to be added for all BRs

I’m more interested in the seafang over the spiteful.

Might I enquire why? My limited knowledge of it makes it seem like a lower powered and heavier spiteful?

Naval aircraft.

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As good a reason as any. I suppose its not always about which performs the best.

The biggest thing I would honestly love to see is an acknowledgement of the Commonwealth for padding out Britain. Australian and Canadian contents would be a welcome excuse to put an extra column in there rather than one or two rarities. Gaijin insist on putting Canadian and Australian content on other tech trees about as often as they put them on Great Britain. Instead of giving us Indian T-90s and Swedish Planes sold to South Africa (I’m aware they are commonwealth also, but they aren’t exactly the familial settler colonies that Australia/New-Zealand/Canada are), it would help patch Shortcomings in the Ground and Air tech trees for Britain whilst having a historical relevancy.


Dotting the vehicles in the tech tree would make more sense than a dedicated sub tree. This would allow us to have a somewhat decent light tank line at the end there.


True, though Gaijin often like to do dedicated big additions like when South Africa basically took a column with a few things stuck into AA too. But the core commonwealth nations would be amazing to be integrated into the overall tech tree. And definitely still waiting on Scimitar and Scorpion tanks.

Some of the widely used and important WW2 aircraft still missing:

Hurricane IIc. I know we have a IIb, but, AFAIK, the 12-gun armament wasn’t really representative and most Mk.IIs had the 4 cannon armament. Hurricane IIcs were the mainstay of the squadrons in the Far East for much of the war and continued to be used in the ground-attack role right through to the end. The Sea Hurricane Ic might have the 4 cannons, but lacks the other loadouts used by the IIc. Hurricane IIc: widely used, important and highly representative type still missing from WT (and all necessary components to make it are already present in the game, ie ‘easy fix’).

Night Fighters. As already mentioned, Mosquito NF.II etc and Also Beaufighters. When I load WT and read, “the Beaufighter was the first aircraft designed to carry an airborne radar,” I think it might be cool to actually see that aircraft in the game: Beaufighter IF

Mosquito B.IV. Other bomber variants also available, but this was the first and was very widely used. Used for some famous early low-level raids as well as high-level bombing.

Spitfire XII. First Griffon powered Spitfire, with good performance at low level. A clipped-wing variant, I think. CW versions of the Mk.V would be good too - another easy fix and could be foldered with current Mk.Vs.

Beaufighter IC. The ‘C’ standing for Coastal. Apparently the fastest Beaufighter on the deck. Early Mk.Is might be used by either Fighter Command or Coastal Command, but as modifications were added for or requested by one Command and not the other, the F and C designation came about to denote the differences (AI radar in the F, bombs on the C, for example). Not just used by Coastal Command, but used in the desert too, IIRC.

I could add we could do with corrected rocket loadouts for Mosquito and Beaufighter. Although the first couple of anti-shipping strikes carried out by rocket-armed Beaufighters did indeed use the 60-lb warhead (‘RP-3’ in WT-speak), it was found these needed to be launched no more than 600 yds from the target if they were to have any accuracy, and that was just too close to anything carrying flak. The much more streamlined, solid 25-lb head (AP Mk.I) had much better ballistics and could be launched from a more reasonable 1000 yds. Not only could these solid warheads punch right through a ship, exiting below the waterline, but unspent rocket fuel might start fires as it passed through. Furthermore, the streamlined head was capable of passing through several yards of water and still penetrate the hull. A later modification to the solid warhead had greater underwater travel (presumably this was ‘AP Mk.II’). I put in the bug report/suggestion a few years ago, but nothing happened. In gathering info for that I could not find any pictures of UK-based Mosquitoes or Beaufighters carrying the 60-lb SAP head; all showed the slim 25-lbers. The 60-lber was used extensively by Beaufighters in the Far East, but they weren’t exclusively flying anti-shipping missions, but were attacking ground targets, river transport, supply convoys etc, and they found the 60-lb SAP warhead had better utility when attacking varied targets.


I hope they add the mk 12 spitfire. I cant believe we don’t have a griffon malcolm hood spitfire in techtree nor do we have a clipped wing malcom hood spitfire for the British