De Havilland Vampire DH113 NF.MK.10: The Big Nose Vampire

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Description: The De Havilland Vampire NF10 was a British night fighter jet-propelled aircraft. It was developed after WW2 from the Vampire FB5 as a Night Fighter variant of the standard aircraft. The new features of this variant were the installation of the AI MK.10 radar, two seats in the cockpit, and the installation of a new engine, the Goblin 3. The first prototype flew for the first time on August 28, 1949, at Farnborough. After a very short time, Egypt became interested in the aircraft and ordered a total of 12 units. Due to the bad relations between Israel and Egypt, the UK government established an embargo against Egypt, and the order was cancelled. Thanks to the cancellation of the order, the British Air Force was able to get and put into service the 12 units that were made for Egypt. They were renamed NF.Mk.10. The RAF liked the aircraft, and more units were ordered in the future, reaching a total of 76 units. The deliveries started back in 1951, but in 1954, the aircraft was already retired. A total of 93 units were made for different countries.

Why it should be in the game: it could be a very good option in the british line between the Venom and the Vampire



Engine: De Havilland Goblin 35 B, 14911 N / 3,350 lbst
Length: 34.613 ft / 10.55 m
Height: 6.562 ft / 2.0 m
Wingspan: 38.025 ft / 11.59 m
Wing area: 262.642 sq.ft / 24.4 sq.m
Max take off weight: 13119.8 lb / 5950.0 kg
Weight empty: 7673.4 lb / 3480.0 kg
Max. weight carried: 5446.4 lb / 2470.0 kg
Max. speed: 454 kts / 840 km/h / 538 mph at sea level
Initial climb rate: 3346.46 ft/min / 17.0 m/s
Service ceiling: 32808 ft / 10000 m
Wing load: 50.02 lb/sq.ft / 244.0 kg/sq.m
Range: 324 nm / 600 km
Range with drop tanks: 1,220 miles
Endurance: 1 h
Crew: 2



4x 20 mm Hispano cannons


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+1, it’s a big shame the UK has none of its night fighters despite being the inventor of this class of aircraft

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