Bring back the old Forum

The new version of the forum (if you even want to call it that) is bad. Not only bad it is so bad that you can’t even find anything anymore.

  • It is confusing.
  • It unnecessarily black
  • It is worse than the old version in every respect.
  • You can no longer edit the comments
  • You cannot add any polls.

No one, really no one has complained about the forum. It was perfect the way it was.

But GJ: we have to change something.

And what is the result. It got worse. Congratulations!

It is quite possible that a similar topic has already been created, if so I have not seen it. Which is also due to the poorly designed forum. But hey its new (and black).

But now back to the topic, how about next time you ask the community if they want it or if it is necessary? Because it was unnecessary and as already mentioned you have made it even worse.

Just bring back the old version and never touch it again.


Couldn’t agree more its like they didn’t learn anything from the whole economy situation. They should of asked us first. Obviously they didn’t since it would of been a big “NO” from us. At the very minimum they could of tried to move over post and suggestions over to here.


While I can agree with your sentiment, I can also say that the “Real” Forum was not without it’s “issues” as well . . . be that as it may . . . this radical and sudden change is just alarming . . . and disconcerting to say the least . . . hard to believe 9 - 10 years of Forum stuff just goes . . . poof! . . . I liked the “Real” Forum as well . . just reverting this would seem the play to make, but I doubt we see it . . . and the timing after the recent “discomfort” we saw makes it all the more mystifying to me . . . mind boggling really. Not notice, next to no reasoning given . . sigh . . . hard to get my head around


Totally agree, this new version is just HORRIBLE.

Bring back the old forum !!!


It’s sickening to think how many thousands of hours people spent doing volunteer work to improve the game and they’re just deleting it “but that’s okay because it will be read only for two years”


Of course, it was not perfect.

But it was well arranged, organized, and most importantly, not black.


New forum looks awful. Old forum looks so much better.
And unless they will find a way to import every post from the old forum.
This change is a really bad one. 10+ years of post gone. For ever.


Came here looking for old resources and the page was just gone, obliterated… wtf? All those like literally thousands of pages of extremely useful info just gone. Classic Gaijin decision, completely wrong and completely opposite of what the community wants and needs to thrive and prosper… This is just the way they do things. Wrong.


‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’

this new forum is just terrible


You can still go to the old forum. Just not post anything.

Old forum. RIP 2023-06-19.


It is not too late. We have to show them again who is in charge. So that they have to change it again. As was the case recently.


Casually just Gaijin suddenly making it harder to communicate with others and making it harder to display information How unsurprising. After the community outburst, they don’t want us talking at all anymore. None of the info from the past how many years didn’t transfer, can’t edit posts, made the UI worse in most respects etc. Super gaijin move. Things like this are why I had zero trust in the roadmap before they showed it. Now all the hope I had after the roadmap is gone. I dont expect them to add any of those things, or if they do, they’ll probably edit them a few months later to be back to the way they are now


Must say was very confused today trying to get on, why has this been changed? It looks a bit fancier but its a forum!

Will adapt eventualy i suppse but a heads up would have been nice.


Bring it back
(Angry people with Red Flags and Banners)

Image removed due to Community Report bombing.

I aprreciate this new notification system, posts getting Hidden by Mods/Admins without any Heads up was a major gripe for me on the old (and better) Forums.


I like to read in black actually, it’s less tiring for my eyes. I would allow users to choose whether they want a white or black background.


On top of what was already said in the first post, like that it just looks bad and its for sure more confusing to navigate than the old forum. All of the old forum links just does not work, whatever you try to google about war thunder will redirect you to forum and you get to this thing and you are greeted with “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” which is just amazing. This forum looks so bad I thought I got to some hacked site that will steal my account at first.


I feel like people just don’t like new things.

This forum already has solid improvements over the old forum.

We just need to get our heads around it.

The old forum was archaic.


Any examples of improvements? The only problem I have with this new forum is that all the posts are gone for now.


Also there isnt any reactions(only like) and emojos which is fustrating IMO

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We are not making it harder to communicate. This is a different forum engine compared to the old forum. The engine is different and therefore it looks and feels different. We will do our best to incorporate feedback. You are able to edit your posts after you hit a certain trust level.

And the teams running the forums are different from the teams who are implementing the planned changes in the roadmap.