Bring back the old Forum

Well it would be nice if there was a post explaining everything atleast


Is there any chance we get our emojis back? @Yes


It would be best if you just reverted back to the old forum, right now thousands of links are directing people to content from the old forum that is not there. I see nothing that is better in this new forum, overall nobody likes it and nobody asked for this to be changed…


u did not communicate at all this was a change made so no one can talk against it and acomplish something


Don’t know yet.

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just logged onto the forms today an im like, what on earth have they done? It seems a waste of time. Time would have been better spent on battling BOT program users in Game GAIJIN


Yes, you(Gaijin) are. Not only there was no warning to this change, the warning you posted earlier today was made on the “old” Forum when the link on the official website already sends you here, so we had to guess what happened. I personally first thought the forum was broken. No communication from you(Gaijin) to the players about this change.
So if you are not making harder to communicate then where are all the sections we used to have, where are all the active threads where we have been posting or follwing? Right… in the old forum where we can’t use them besides reading them.

The roadmap almost made me forgot how Gaijin usually treats this community, but now I know that nothing will change, Gaijin will keep being what it always was. Arrogant.

I hope you realize that you just wasted so many years of our contribution to this game’s community, I had more than 7000 posts since I joined in 2015, outstanding reputation(excellent since my account was reset when I unlinked from PSN), not only that I was following and checking several threads on a daily basis. I now feel the full weight of wasting all that time due to a decision that just shows the disrespect you have for us, there is something really wrong with those that make these type of decisions and it shows how disconnected you are.


And this is the problem: By experience from the few forums that implemented this so called “trust level”, it always made communication harder by limiting the options.
It also send a message to the casual players who visit and post rarely in the forum: Your opinion is not as valuable as the regulars.

Begin to suppress this trust level and restore everything that the team responsible deleted, including sub categories.
I have to suppress the previous message because i couldn’t edit it.

For now there’re no improvements, only regression at every stage, not mentionning that Gaijin shows once again that they have no considerations of their customers.
Again don’t complain to be review bombed on Steam, Gaijin deserves it with decisions like this one.


I’m wondering how do you even let such a bad version like this new forum go live?


I actually like the new forum setup. All I wish now is that they bring back personal pfp and allow us to edit and I am happy. We can rebuild and bring relevant data over from old for what? two years? We will be ok.

Additionally, I love how we can search back exact days and type key words, and every single relevant post immediately shows up. Will definitely aid me in arguing with mods and members lol. We can bring up old **** anyone said in the past immediately.

I like the dark color as well. The old forum hurt my eyes reading it for too long. Naturally people do not like change. It’s a part of life and we adapt.

I do not see how this is all anti-consumer/customer/community. Let me know if there is some evil intention on GJ’s behalf I am too oblivious to see. Other than personal PFP.

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But you are. You absolutely are making it harder to communicate.

We know that it’s a different forum engine. And it’s garbage compared to the old one.


Give us old good forum !!!


How do I quote people?

How do I add a screenshot?

Also, whilst I have seen the link to old forum, via which I can see old PM’s, where will I be notified of receiving a message?

Is there is a PM system here that I dont see yet cause of this “trust” thing?


This is fundamentally stupid, we can’t correct spelling/grammar because we don’t have enough posts… its simply an absurd indefensible requirement.


Improvements over the old Forum?

Kind Sir, may name a few, i only see steps back.

This new one is “in development” but nowhere finished.
The old one was maybe archaic, but it was informative and everything was easy to find.

The new one has a bad UI, Structure, limitations for the regular user and got no info’s.

Additionally, most (nearly all) threads won’t be carried over, as one of the mods said.

So where are the benefits, enlighten us pls.


Yeah this seems like a strange choice.

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They want to get rid of the old forum so they can ignore years of feedback on some of the game aspects.


Whisky Tango Foxtrot is this, the old forum was indeed better, why can’t they just copy the old forum.


What’s funny is they have complete control over the permissions of the “trust” system so they could easily change this. It’s probably gonna take some time, though, if it happens at all.