Bring back M18 in BR 5.7

You do realize the M18 can also handle a T-90M right? doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be at that br. but all sarcasm aside as long as the M18 doesn’t go up anymore we should good.

The M18 is garbage, what can I say? I’d play the Breda 501 over it any day.

The M18s were the best 5.7 light tank, and they are still competitive at 6.0.

It is an incredibly fast light tank, with a decent gun, a .50, and some trolly armour.

If you think it is bad, you aren’t playing it right.

Basically is the first you do in the topic.

Im not the only one.

AGAIN, Hellcat face more vehicles than Germany ones.

I show the M18 is fine where it is and dont need lower BR.

No it not garbage, is probably the best vehicle in his BR.

Damn, that things good in AB, especially for a LT.

May be due to lack of data, though.

The M41 better in every way? Naaah man.

Reverse speed means god damn EVERYTHING. (Try playing something british and then try to tell me with a straight face)

Hellcat is easily one of the strongest tanks at its BR.

While im on the fence about it needing to go to 6.0 (because of how stupidly strong german lineups are at the BR), its a tank that will easily not feel an uptier all the way up to 6.7 honestly. Its mobility is insane, its super fast, stealthy, its engine is quite quiet, and it is brillaint at being a gremlin

I havent played the regular Hellcat much, but the Super Hellcat is my 2nd most played tank, which is just a Hellcat with the M36s turret and gun at 6.3. Ive got around 1100 kills with it.

M41s gun bounces all over the damn place the second you move, and doesnt have the post pen, the APDS is piddly and takes 2-3 shots to kill unless you can get an easy clear ammo shot. The 76mm on the Hellcat 1 shots basically every time.

Lack of pen doesnt matter since you will basically be getting side shots every time if you are actually playing the tank correctly, the penetration is perfectly workable against what you face. plus the Jumbo has the same gun at 6.3 and that thing cant flank, yet it does fine still lol.

Anyone calling the Hellcat bad is honestly suffering from a major User issue, not a vehicle issue.

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I was thinking of getting the Super Hellcat when sales came around but now they are nerfing the horsepower. 😔

I have (through Italian tech tree, export shermans and the like), it doesn’t matter that much.

Much better rounds, better armor, faster reload (not by much, admittedly), MG isn’t manned, and 7.62mm MG in the turret.

The main reason it should be max 5.7 is because at 6.7 it is completely obsolete. Why play the M18 when at 6.7 you’ll be facing light tanks that are you but better (German M41).

You’re assuming side shots are easy to come by with how Gaijin’s map making decisions have been.

The Jumbo has armor, though.

I wasn’t insulting German mains. Here is the FULL quote because you knew that in context it wasn’t an insult…

I would just say that you are just a little slow, but you clearly knew that the point was to demonstrate that individual skill matters and cropped out everything to make it a broad statement that all “Tiger II players are incompetent” which I was not saying.

Also this:

I did not mean that all German players need to open their eyes. Again, individual skill matters. I was saying that if you are playing Germany in the 6.0-6.7 range (specifically, the Tiger II, Tiger E, Panther A/G/F), and you die to an M18, it’s because you or your team was not paying attention, not that all German players are blind. Maybe that was ambiguous, I thought in context it was clear. I’m clarifying that now…

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They’re nerfing the horsepower? What, back to what it was or something?

Being able to relocate and move around is literally its biggest strength. Shoot n scoot, if you arent doing that then you are doing it wrong.

The rounds arent better as I mentioned, more pen but much less damage. The 7.62 is irellivant as its only going to damage exposed crew members, the armour isnt better enough to remotely matter, if you are being shot you are doing it wrong anyway.

Because its still perfectly workable at 6.7. as I said the Bulldogs gun bounces around like a mofo, it takes much longer to settle and aim than the Hellcat does. Dont get me wrong Ive played plenty of bulldog and like it, but my 6.3 US lineup has both in it, Ill spawn the Super hellcat before the bulldog every single time.

Its still one of my most played tanks and Im still doing just fine in it so I dont see why you cant.

Yeah, armour that makes it slow and unable to flank and thus being stuck firing at things frontally all the time while having the SAME GUN as the hellcat at 0.3 higher of a BR.

as one of the numerous examples
Why is the Tiger 2 player - who is far, far slower, with a longer reload, extremely slow hull and turret traverse “incompetent” when he gets flanked and killed by a Hellcat which is just about the fastest thing out there all the way up to 7.7 with 76mm APHE which is more than enough to consistently pen a Tiger 2 from the side - and one shot it.


And I say this as someone who hates playing the M18, I prefer the M36 greatly. I just don’t see how you can call a heavy tank being countered by a vehicle reaching its flank due to its speed advantage “incompetent”.

Yes, well - it is apparent that you have issues with reading, and also like creating strawmen of others inside your head.

huh, the comment made by a guy with the same name and PFP as you was som1 else. my bad.

Yeah they are setting it back to 400. 😔

M18 is completely fine at 6.0, just a skill issue if you cant play it.