Bring back M18 in BR 5.7

Gaijin how can we play when M18 play against 7.0 tanks…

Even in it’s own BR, the M18 need to be smart because he is often destroy by only 1 shell… And I don’t talk about CAS and planes with multiple .50 cal shoot you easily…

How can you justify M18 in 6.0 when M36 (who have better cannon and better armor) is in 5.3…

M18 GMC need to be downrank in 5.7 !


The M36 has pretty bad armor and is slow compared to M18

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Here you have the 6.0 M18 GMC :

And here, the 5.3 M36 GMC

The mobility is less good than M18 but the 90mm barrel and APHE do the job pretty well.

A singular HE round and the M36 is dead. The M18 has good reverse speed and acceleration which makes it really good. Youre not supposed to rely on armor in any of those vehicles.


Which 7.0 opponents really pose a threat? The T-44-100? ZSU? Conway? Centurion Mk5 AVRE? Type 75 MLRS? C13 T90?
These are all the ones I could find at a glance … the M18 can handle them all …


I am surprised that the M36 has stayed at 5.3 in the first place.

Sure ,take of its cannon ,replace with 37 mm and it can go down to 5.7

Shh… don’t ruin the L33T skill move. Many players never think to run with any HE at all (you will notice many Content Creators don’t know this as well, in their 1 vehicle lineup plays).

To OP, sure my 3.0 light car only holds just over a 1/1 K/D but that is purely running 4.7- 7.7 (prior to Warrior and BR changes over time). You can play many scouts in this out of BR situation (hello Sd Kfz.234/2 and M24) you just need get used to them and that playstyle; Being the Hero and Kill everything type is not the only way to play and provide support to a team, but on select games you WILL.

an M22 can aswell. What’s your point?

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No, is fine in 6.0.

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That even if you meet 7.0 opponents, the tanks that you now encounter as an M18 player do not require a different style of play.

+1. The M18 at 6.0 is crazy. German players just need to open their eyes.


This game is more than “muh fav nation vs evil germany”

If you have problems with the Hellcat in 6.0 is due a massive skill issue specially when a inferior german main like me dont have any problem after the BR bump.

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Irrelevant. You can literally do the same thing in a Sherman or Panther. I take out Tiger IIs all day long with M18s. Doesn’t mean that the two should be the same BR, just that the Tiger II players are incompetent.


M18 is fine at 6.0 and the recent uptier from 5.7 was justified, it is very fast, good reverse gear, good targeting speed, good pen with more than enough explosive filler.

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You are relatively slower, (turret rotation, reload, and mobility), fighting 7.0 than 6.7, and have far less wiggle room in shooting weak spots. Though in all fairness, you are right that it’s not too major in terms of playstyle for the M18, that means it can be moved down to 5.7 or even 5.3 without any issues.

Furthermore, it being at 6.0 ruins America’s 5.7 lineup, and also puts the M18 itself into an incomplete lineup having only one other 6.0 tank, the M4/T26. The M4/T26 also is kinda bad aswell.


Please bear in mind that a reduction of the BR to 5.7 or 5.3 means that vehicles from the BR range 4.3 or 4.7 meet the M18.
Would this be a problem for the M18? No. But sometimes for the vehicles operating there. Even if not for all of them.

The line-up issue is important. And I’m seeing more and more problems in the game in general.
Many lineups have been destroyed by BR adjustments in the past. I personally have the Premium M18 and the 5.7 Spitfire Premium from the US tree. But not everyone can or wants that.

It would be a wonderful addition to have a viable SPAA on 6.0 in the US tree.

My personal observation is that I haven’t had to change my playing style with the M18 and that my win rate has increased from just under 60% to 63 or 64% since the adjustments. However, my personal experience is certainly not a benchmark for this, but rather a reflection.

And finally, I’m pleased that we can discuss things normally with each other. It has become somewhat rare here in the last few weeks.

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The only one I would be fine with downtiering are the ones with less HP, to be honest.

People here don’t seem to remember that it got a massive (And I mean massive) horsepower boost with the uptiering. It’s now got 26 HP/t, which is absurd for a vehicle at the tier. That’s almost Leopard 2 levels.

Not to mention it’s playstyle makes it somewhat tiering agnostic. You’re always going to be flanking, you’re always going to be needing (and getting) sideshots, so it’s inability to penetrate things frontally is somewhat irrelevant. Now that it’s even better at that than it was previously, it’s fine at a higher BR.

The US lineups at this tier could use a boost, no doubt, but the Hellcat is doing just fine at 6.0 in my experience.


I can do the same to USA heavies players with even lower BR tank like the Pakwagen and that dosnt mean the USA players are idiots, is just because Gaijin just added trash urban maps and now is very easy playing fast troll tanks.
I cant understand the stupid obsession of USA mains every time just want support some changes is by insulting Germany.