BR unbalanced

well I come here to complain about war thunder, I recently got a 7.7 vehicle, but after I got this vehicle I only crash in 8.7 matches, whenever I get a new vehicle I never crash in matches according to my BR, I always crash with matches above, not counting the maps, the same maps always fall repeatedly, yesterday and today I spent the whole day playing and this whole time only drops in matches with 4 different maps, one of them being a winter variation, the game has a completely bankrupt BR and unregulated repeated maps, and even if you leave the map with “dislike” it keeps coming countless times, seriously gaijin, I will never spend my money on this game again, just because it has a completely unregulated BR and extremely repeated maps, you guys you might be thinking that this is my impression about the BR of the tanks, but I don’t play with vehicles from 6 different countries and it’s always the same thing, high BR, instead of dropping games, 6.7 - 7.7 sometimes, more instead literally every game drops only BR 8.7, and when I’m playing with a BR 6.7 vehicle I’m forced to play the whole time against BR 7.7, the same goes for all BR of all nations, I’m VERY angry with this game because of that , extremely unregulated BR and extremely boring and repeated maps


I can tolerate bad teammates, but I can’t tolerate BR imbalance !!!
I would rather have a longer matching time in exchange for only encountering enemies with BR one level higher or lower than me.(if I am BR 7.3, I will only encounter enemies with BR 7.0-7.7, instead of encountering enemies with BR 6.3-8.3 like now, cause it’s always 8.3 !!! ALWAYS !!!

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how long are you willing to wait on average for a match?

It’s usually the same problem tanks that cause me frustration, but more overall decompression would be nice. There are a lot of 7.7 and some 8.0 vehicles that are not cut out to be dueling with 8.3 and 8.7 tanks that are popular in the meta.

It’s very boring to face better armored enemy of higher br. It’s one thing to use a 6.7 and face a 7.0 for example, but having a 6.7 and facing a 7.7 is a thorn in the side.

I believe the adjusted matching time will not be too long, maybe 3 to 5 minutes? I can do some other things during this time, such as watching forums, chatting with you guys, watching short videos, or drinking some water to rest (〃‘▽’〃) Always remember to drink more water, boys !

There have been calls for Gaijin to lower the BR matchmaking range from 3 to 2 for ages, Gaijin are completely against it even though in theory it only increases the total number of BR brackets by 1, and should have very little impact on time to find a game.

The dislike button doesn’t do anything, you can ban 1 map but the like and dislike button are only to tell Gaijin which maps are popular and which maps aren’t, it does nothing to the matchmaker

Some BRs get primarily up-tiers others get primarily down-tiers, it’s just the nature of the current matchmaker, you’re better off not worrying too much about BR and just find vehicles you enjoy playing, I play primarily air RB so I can’t completely relate to your problem but in air RB 10.0 and 12.0 are really popular, that means that you really can’t play 9.0 or 11.0 as they almost always get full up-tiers, but so long as you avoid those 2 BRs there are plenty of aircraft that are competitive, if you can find an equivalent for ground battles it should help you pick vehicles that are fun to use.

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Problem is not only time…some BRs have less vehicles/players…and game is a bit more boring if matches are the same BR.

ALSO…the number of vehicles at MAX BR on each match is capped at 4, so you can try to avoid the top vehicles if you think you are overmatched…

THAT SAID…i would like to see what happened if BR range was reduced one notch…from 1 to 0.7 :) I personally think 0.3 is too narrow, but 0.7 may be fine.

You realize that if you are ok with 7.0-7.7, you also have to accept 7.3-8.0 :)
Sometimes you are top…others you are bottom :)


Maybe you are right, 0.3 is indeed a bit extreme,
but some tanks are toooooooo IMBA at the top (╯﹏╰)

I am also looking forward to this change.Please, ga!j!n, you’re the best ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Gaijin have repeatedly said they don’t want to do this, apparently they tried it internally and didn’t like the results, honestly I think most of the community would be open to trying it but the chances are pretty slim, I wouldn’t get your hopes up is all :(

have you got any proof of this? I’ve seen it said a lot but never seen any actual evidence that it is the case

I disliked " Battle of Tunisa" and “El Alamein” for years now as hot maps kills the engine power of my favorite prop plane - i have to adjust MEC to avoid overheating and have to deal with a significant performance drop.

On weekends i am playing on both of them 3-5 times per day…zero dislike effect.

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6.7 is perma uptier nowadays I have noticed, which is a shame.

The excuse about queue time is a joke and founded on nothing, they had this excuse years and years ago, maybe in 2015 when playercounts according to Steam were fluctuating around 25k peak.

Nowadays peak players is 80-100k, so quadrupled the playercount but you’re telling me that despite that there is no room to change the BR system without ending up with 10m queue times?

In this game, the problem is not only with the unbalanced BR, but with the entire matchmaking system in general, which is virtually non-existent in this game. All players are really lumped together, regardless of level, skill, win ratio, the only criterion is BR which doesn’t work at all. Games are one-sided in practically every game, 5 min of play and either half of your team or the opposing team is gone. This is due to the fact that what matters most to the developers is money and they don’t look at the total in terms of what adding one, two or three premium vehicles does to the gameplay on a particular BR. A good example of this is the 10.0/10.3 BR, on which there are practically only premium vehicles, meeting a vehicle from the free tree is really a rare affair and on this BR the games just look like I mentioned earlier 5 min and it’s game over. This is due to the fact that new players immediately buy a premium vehicle on the highest BR, not knowing completely what laws it governs and how it all works. The result is that 30s from leaving the spawn ends with the destruction of the vehicle and exit from the game. If the case is an individual it does not significantly affect the match, but when 8 people do it, the game is already lost at the start. Therefore, in my opinion, access to premium vehicles of the highest tier for new players should be limited and unlock with a given level of player, or it should remain until the developers improve the matchmaking system and add more criteria for assigning players to a given match nothing will change and it will look like it does.

Imho your overall post nails major points, but regarding the MM you might accept that there are a lot of things included in the MM you might have not considered:

There is a lot of other stuff included in the MM - some obvious, others more sophisticated.

The unbalanced BR setting of some vehicles are a major problem if you connect them with MM mechanics.

Let’s say you play a BR 3.0 plane and you get constantly dragged in full uptiers - at a certain point you decide to play with the 4.0 plane you are constantly facing, as you expect constant full downtiers when flying them. But somehow you get now mostly full uptiers to 5.0…

The challenge is not only to find not only the right vehicle you might have fun to play and suits your preferred playstyle - it is more a question if you find planes (like in my case) that are good enough to compete in constant full uptiers.

Any attempts to lower the BR difference from +/- 1.0 to 0.7 or 0.3 would reduce the intended effects of the MM.

Basically the better some of your stats are, the higher your chances are to have constant uptiers…

Matchmaking needs an overhaul. Too often do you face +1 BR vehicles. I’d quite happily extend my matchmaking time to have a choice at the size of the margin. Give players a choice. of a range of 0.3 / 0.7 or 1. That way you can choose the margin and therefore the difficulty. Combined with the change that the BR range of the match should be displayed (coming in a few update I think) and you’d know where you stand immediately.

But for anyone who does NRB. My god the matchmaking screws up often. Had a match the other day, where our team was almost entirely Destroyers, their team… mostly light cruisers with a few Heavy cruisers and even a battleship. Suffice to say, we lost that match fast.

This is why i’ve almost exclusively swapped to SB for air matches. that way I know EXACTLY what im facing before i even join the match, and can pick the best aircraft for what I want to do.

Thats not evidence, thats purely anecdotal, but thanks for replying

As I have seen, the more issue here is the lvl of players: having the few lvl 100 vs lvl -10 to MAYBE max 30-50 lvl on other team. I have tried to calculate their average lvl/teams, but it is not divided evenly or am I wrong in here? Now I could think of these lvl 100 players have their planes reseach at max and for some even having the ace crews on them. How is this even to a new(ish) player?

Sure money can buy shit here, but maybe more even gaming makes more money in a long run? Saying ppl wont actually rage quit when getting smashed from the beginning by some low self esteem lvl 100 wanting to just bash some nubs on a low BR games…

Then really another thing is this anticheat: does it actually really work and actually ban ppl? If it does, showing that it actually works instead of hiding these posts that question it would make it more reliable for ppl to believe on it. I cant be the only one seeing negative feedback here around all the forums about various stuff, but just seeing the AC related topics getting locked fast does tell it is really not the wanted subject…Yet ppl can still read those topics, so to desperately to try deny any debate to just wait for more debate instead of showing the hard facts to stop the debate, just to try sell ppl few golden eagles better…gg?

But the BR has less vehicle / player exactly because the threat of uptier / have your vehicle underperform.

German from 5.0 to 6.3 is a highly avoidable BR exactly because it’s a BR that will leave you with either bad teammate or lack of teammate choice, they always get pulled to babysat 288 player instead of playing with actual fighters, it’s a bomber escort BR where your plane perform worse than your enemy especially with F2G spam.

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Honestly this. Every game I lose its usually an uptier. Just finished a map, where I am 10.3 and just faced 11.0-11.3 tanks, may i remind some of you, I use the leopard 2A4s, I went up against Type 90s APFSDS 480mm of Pen Japanese auto loaders, and M1 Abrams HC, with 598mm of Pen. Nothing in my 10.3 line up can stop any of those rods. Nothing. It’s literally the only reason I’ll straight up leave a match. This 11.0 uptier really needs to stop. Its extremely unbalanced and borderline a crime to put players through that type of abuse.