BR Decompression - Top tier air

I’m sure this has been said before, but with the new BR changes, it did nothing but cause more problems in ground. But I’m not going to talk about that.

Aircraft such as the F-4EJ, F-4EJ ADTW, F-4E, and really any other aircraft that suffers from uptiers to 12.0.

The reason why I’m making this is to remind people that the max BR in air needs to be 12.3 or 12.7.
I honestly don’t know who believes that the F-4E, EJ ADTW and whatnot should be going against F-16’s, F-14’s, MiG-29’s with pulse doppler radar whilst spinning around said aircraft for days, while the Phantom in question is struggling to even get guns on.

This could be seen as a copium post or skill issue, but the frequent 12.0 uptiers in the ADTW for me made the 70 USD for no return because of the problem stated above, not worth it.

Please increase the max BRs to at least 12.3 and move the aircraft such as the F-16, F-14, etc. to 12.3. It’ll actually help with BR compression.

F-104J and other 10.3 planes that fight all aspects at 11.3 can go down to 10.0 and be just fine.

Gaijin, please, decompress the BRs at top tier air, I want to enjoy the different unique vehicles the game has to offer but it’s hard when you can’t do anything against an AIM-9L without countermeasures.


Decompression didn’t cause any problems for ground.

On to your point.
F-4s I haven’t had an issue with being 11.0, largely cause Mig-21Bis is 11.0 and I love it there.
Same with Su-17M4, F-104S TAF, and soon with JA37C & J-7E.
I though Mirage 3 vs F-14A was perfectly fine, Gaijin disagreed. [I was in the Mirage 3 with no deaths to F-14s].
It’s a challenge, and it should be, but the survival techniques are no different from 12.0, we’re just on slightly slower vehicles.
I haven’t done BVR at top tier since last year really, because it’s superior to evade radar locks & get in close for IR & gun shots.

IDK how to explain defensive maneuvers, but the best way to do them is whilst moving toward the enemy.
If you need to notch, notch toward your allies, then turn back toward the enemy.

However, radar missiles are rather easy to evade once you learn how.
F-16 is the only one with the powerful radar among that bunch.
F-14’s notch zone is massive.
Mig-29s radar is in-between.

12.3 is unnecessary without increasing all 11.0s to 11.3 as well, which would increase all 10.3s to 10.7.

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Being good & wanting entirely doable challenges to stay is “shill”?
Mirage 3E has all the equipment & performance needed to win against F-14A.
Speed, RWR, and 3 rather potent IR AAMs to seek out the hottest exhaust in WT.
Just don’t engage alone, and you win.
This is a team game after all, engaging alone is never necessary.

And I’m not a good fighter pilot, I’m mediocre.

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I was about to make a thread on this, but I see one is already here.

BR decompression in air RB would be nice to see, and since gaijin is open to doing it in ground I figure we might as well suggest a few things for them to look at in the future. It’s unreasonable to expect 13.0 or 14.0, so 12.7 is a good start.

MiG-29, F-16 (those with Python 3 and Aim-7M), all that good 12.0 stuff needs to come to 12.7. Then, the slightly less good 12.0s like the F-16A (with Aim-9Ls only) and Yak-141 should fill the 12.3 slot. I’m not sure on the F-14B - it’s a weak 12.0, but could go to 12.7 feasibly. F-14A comes to 12.3, so does the mirage 2000 and perhaps the J-8B.

I was going to list out more examples, but the gist is that the very strong planes go up .7 BR, decent planes go up .3 BR, and trash planes like the tornado and mirage F1 can stay where they are.

And then we can finally move the F-5E to 11.3 BR, without it having to face top tier SARH meta. Fun for everyone.

I haven’t played more than 2 nations worth of top tier (basically 3, since Germany and USSR share vehicles) , so if other people want to step in with suggestions it would be awesome to hear them.

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I think we’ll see our second air decompression this Winter after 12.3 is added.
I don’t think 11.0+ will jump 0.7 as you want quite yet, but I think they’ll jump 0.3 in-line with a ground decompression.

For a game based on teamwork, my team ends to leave me for dead 9 times out of 10…

A “doable challenge” would be trying to evade missiles with different means, such as outrunning the missiles, using speed to your advantage, etc.

Right now, that’s near impossible because everyone and their grandmother has an all-aspect missile ready to eat you.

“Enemies in blue.”
Learning how to determine who to trust on & after takeoff is a skill I wish I could master.

Virtually this decrompession exists, because now there are matches at 12.0 with 12x 12.0 in one team. So the BRs beyond 12.0 are filled with 12.0 vehicles. This is noticeable in every BR below. E.g. 10.3 now get a way less full uptiers. Most battles are 10.7, some max 11.0.

Imo the only way to relax the situation in higher tiers is a decrease of the BR range from 4 points (e.g. 10.0,10.3,10.7,11.0) to 3 points (e.g. 10.0,10.3,10.7)

Where you will put a F104j? All aspect missiles exists even at 10.0…

Gaijin needs to up the BR cap to 14.0 already, there is no space for F-16’s and MIG-29’s at 12.0, it just makes people like me (f4j player) suffer even more. I already don’t play 8.0 anymore because of the recent changes because everything gets dominated by russian teams. I’ve honestly given up on playing the game until gaijin decides to implement BR 14.0 or eleviate BR compression in some other way.

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Blockquote I already don’t play 8.0 anymore because of the recent changes because everything gets dominated by russian teams.
This is GRB btw.

Phantoms and other less maneuverable jets suck at 12.0. I had a really hard time using my F4J because of 12.0 uptiers. Almost 99% matches are top tier matches. The only way to survive a uptier is to have dumb enemies on the other side and pray that your missile reaches to them before their’s reach to you.Also AIM-7Fs dont work properly for some reason.
Also gaijin seriously needs to reduce the number of players in a team at 11.X to 12.0 matches.1v6 isnt fun.