Bot accounts (in Air RB and other modes) #2

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It’s very nice you folks (forum mods) have the instruction to lock all these threads with the comment to report these players, but thus far nothing is being done to stop the botting. Your anti cheat is wholly inadequate to detect bots and Gaijin doesn’t seem to care about all the reports as there are plenty of bots with 1000s upon 1000s of games and which have been reported MANY times.

In all fairness, it’s about time some action is taken and sustained to remove the bot accounts. People are doing this to resell fully unlocked accounts for 500-2500 USD depending on the amount of unlocks/premiums and they run many bots on the same system using virtual machines. Is this what you want, allow some third party to earn money off your game? It’s… interesting.

So, when can the community expect some action from Gaijin? On the forum you keep stating to report, at the same time, it seems that action leads nowhere.


Bots and cheats have been a problem for ages. How long do you think is reasonable before action is taken?

In the case of cheats, WT Youtube content creators have been highlighting cheating accounts for ages and found the same accounts employing the same cheating methods months after reporting them repeatedly. Exactly how long do you think is reasonable before action is taken following a report? Players are repeatedly told to report cheats and yet the same reported accounts are active months later.

I’d venture to say it’s the same in the case of bots.

Who said I don’t care about the playerbase? It’s because I DO care and don’t like seeing people being taken advantage of that I point this stuff out or add my opinion on the topic.

Where did u get the idea that banned users would spend money on Premium?

How am I being inappropriate? Because I voice my opinion and it differs from yours?

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Ahm, what are you talking about? How would Gaijin make more money, if they ban bots?
If they ban bots, the botter will NOT buy permiums, because the accont gets banned before they could sell it.
Since Gaijin does not ban bot accounts, botters continue to buy permiums, because this thing works for them.

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And it’s not just Bot accounts that buy the Premiums. Cheats regularly use stolen credit card details to buy LOADS of Premiums, buy Premium account time and pay for subscriptions to cheat software. I suspect Gaijin makes a fortune from cheats, hence they are active for so long without being banned.

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Sort of

Ahm, that is the reason, yes. Since they do not ban bot accounts, the botters just create new and new accounts, and buy premiums on them.

However, if Gaijin bans bot accounts, they will NOT buy premiums, due to a high risk of ban.
In that case, they either stop botting, or do botting with regular tanks.

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