Bot accounts (in Air RB and other modes)

The botting situation is getting out of hand. It is now common to see bot accounts with over 10.000 deaths on one vehicle regularely in games. Aircraft around BR 6.0 are borderline unplayable, as bot accounts flood the matchmaking and u repeatedly see 6vs6 matches with HALF of all players being bot accounts. Other BRs suffer too from this issue, but 6.0 seems to be most affected, due to the ju288 being used so much. I would be thankful if people could bring the devs attention to this, as it is in my opinion the biggest problem War Thunder faces at the moment, and i would appreciate if Gaijin was able to finally ban these cheaters in large numbers. I have been with this game for almost 8 years now, and it is sad to see entire BR ranges rendered unplayable by this cheater epidemic, especially considering that War Thunder’s anticheat used to be something that always deeply impressed me.


They don’t call it EasyCheat for nothing. The 288 definitely should move up to 6.7. That might solve some of this as it would then see things it can’t just easily run away from. Or it should lose that preferential small game matchmaking.

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So many, many of us have tried. (Getting in ahead of threadlock.)


Sorry to say this, but asking for an uptier of Ju 288 due to being part of “suspicious” player group is absolutely ridiculous. Same as arguing with their speed.

If you are unable to outclimb a Ju 288 flying in suspicious patterns without actually climbing, you have just a massive skill issue as fighter pilot.

The Ju 288s are mainly dragging German / Italian 5.0 fighters into full uptiers - forcing them to play outnumbered 2-3 fighters vs 5-7 US/GB fighters at BRs 5.7 to 6.0 - which usually outperform or simply outclass them.

Due to to this a hell of tankers spawn in a US/GB fighters exactly to benefit from numerical and performance superiority - either if the want to push stats or having a more or less undisturbed SL farming round. Most of the better US/GB fighters avoid this BR range as there is simply no challenge for them.

As on the other hand experienced GER/IT fighter pilots avoid this BR range, we have this mess - real players (mostly tankers) in Ju 288s drag less experienced GER/IT fighters in full uptiers vs tankers or try-hards in US/GB fighters.

The amount of suspicious Ju 288s is not the problem - its the fully intended 6 vs 6 / 7 vs 7 team size supporting Ju 288 sales and created to give less experienced US/GB pilots a kind of “Petting Zoo”…

9.3-11.0 are full of these accounts plus i give it a day before this is locked because you used the B word and that goes’ against the rules, but just remember There is No War in Ba Sing Se


Yes the bot situation is getting out of hand, no Gaijin isnt going to do anything. In order to do something there has to be some sort of acknowledgement of a problem, and that will never happen.


Please use proper method to report the players that you think using illegal scripts.
The best way is report them through web replay pages.

Forum is not a place to discuss such problem, everything should obey the work flow and rule.

Thread locked.