Bombers need to have a Big buff and i say BIG

1.) US bombers suffer from is that they are weak as paper. Bruh when I brought out my B-17 that thing was shredded to pieces

2.) Bombers only role is to just bomb the airfield and Baces but sometimes fighters get it before the Real bombers make it which is painfully hard to watch. Makes me think that bombers are Free Xp farm.
4.) Why cant we have our own game mode about bombers. The goal is to bomb Citys, Factories ,Fields, ETC

3.) Bombers just don’t find a point in war thunder Epically when a DO-335 comes. Also AI gunners need fixed


That’s all bombers… The only slight exceptions or JU-288’s but that’s not a structural thing, more of a it’s a no fly zone thing…

The base respawn needs to be quicker. You also shouldn’t fly straight to the base. Take a safer route. Better to arrive alive and late, then go back to the hanger early.

That’s actually a cool idea. I doubt it’ll ever happen, and I doubt people would play it in mass, but I would definitely support this idea!

It’s because they don’t fit the Air battles meta. Like I said earlier, try flying around the battlefield rather than straight to the bases where you are sure to get intercepted. Also again, it’s not just a one plane. I think AI gunners could get looked at, but I mean most of it has to do with the skill level of the gunners

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How will Premium plane buyers get their kills if Bombers go back to what they were before update 1.29 ?

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How about spawning them at 8000meters and NOT make the tickets tick down when bases are destroyed.

So you mean to say you want them to actually be pointless… Not just worthless, but actually pointless as they’d do nothing to the battle.


one cool thing is if there are AI fighters (for example the P-51) that can protect your bomber. You can get these fighters if you Reaearch in the modifications of that bomber.

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Oh yeah, that would be pretty cool. I think something like this, or just AI planes in general would be good in that bomber only game mode you suggested

no, I mean, they will get like SL and stuff… but yeah now that you put it this way it seems not be be the best solution.

Maybe the bases actually do need overhauling and changing up, like the sim airfields.

There is something about tails though, that almost leans to a problem that could need defining and reporting. Some planes, and many bombers are so fragile that they’re getting destroyed almost too easily in some instances.

we already have Ai planes: The attackers i dont see why we can’t have AI fighters to protect our bombers

Yes ik that

I literally agree that it’s a cool idea

Problem is in war thunder
They just have the stuff
OP or UP
but not in the middle
Last time bomber where good
ppl spammed b17/24 g5n1/g8n1 and shot down everything that came to close

B-17s may have a lot of guns but that dose not mean they are the best in the game. B-17s are kind of weak. So basically B-17 sacrificed armor for guns.[img]

you see this image shows a damaged B-17 that made it home. But in war thunder the Nose will be digging down in dirt

now think about how many it didn’t made it back
the pictures say nothing

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The B-17, nonetheless, was possessed of a design feature that made it able to absorb punishment and created a stable bombing platform: its huge wing possessed an extremely long chord (i.e., diameter between the leading and trailing edges), which produced considerable lift and featured large areas of empty space through which bullets and shrapnel could pass without doing substantial damage.\ I just Ctrl V this and this is proof the B-17 was made to take damage
The snail says other wise

the bomber I’m targeting in this conversation is the B-17. Its wings are paper and the guns kind of suck

Gonna be honest, Ive been flying japanese bombers lately which are supposed to be even more fragile than stuff like B17s.

Im doing fine. I legitimately thought like many others, that bombers sucked and were free RP as I basically never fly bombers, But Im doing just fine and making it home or ending games still alive, often with a fighter kill to go along with my base bombing.

What Im doing, which Ive realised that most bomber pilots just flat out dont do is that when I see a fighter coming for me I turn around and face my heaviest concentration of firepower towards that threat which usually means rearward, And I run away. This forces the fighter to close in on me at a much, much slower pace, meaning I can open up on them from 2km away and punish them heavily for daring to come after me as they try to get into gun range. Sometimes I do take damage but the planes genuinely often tank far more damage than I was expecting.

It works exceedingly well, and is something I almost never see other bomber pilots do when I am flying a fighter.

Dude you are playing RB…

Why do you even expect your bomber to be able to withstand attacks here?

The players got mouse aim. Increasing their accuracy by orders of magnitude no real pilot could achieve. In real life less than 2% of shots hit in WT RB it is easily in creased by ten times in the same situations.

So the fighters have an effective firepower ten times greater than real ww2 fighters and then you expect real life results?

Sorry but this is 100% on you. This is a ridiculous expectation. The only place that is comparable to real life and where these comparisions make sense is air sim. That’s it, everywhere else it is just silly to compare this game to real life events.

What are you talking about?

How about no?