Bombers aren't doing well, what should gaijin do about it?

Specifically, I’m referring to bombers in air RB. What do you think could be done about this to improve their gameplay in the immediate future disregarding large gamemode reworks (which ultimately I think most of us realize is the ultimate solution)

Personally, I think improving AI gunners and/or bomber durability would be great. Alternatively, just dropping most bombers by 0.3-0.7br would help a lot too.


i can honestly agree

My thoughts is increasing the amount of bases to bomb and adding them closer. Most of the time, many don’t make it or bases are stolen by Strike Aircrafts or faster bombers. This will also avoid the need to climb super high as most just want to drop the payload then use gunners to kill planes and move on to the next match.

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Gaijin should do nothing about it. What do you want them to do?

Put Jet Bombers at a BR where they physically can’t be intercepted? F105s at 8.0?

This is a decision that you, as a player, make and you should deal with it’s consequences. You wanna play the airborne busses that bombers are? Cool, but deal with the fact that you just drew a target on your back.

Maybe go around, drop to less than 5000m so you are out of the contrails and can’t be spotted easily anymore. Or just fly straighter than an AI aircraft and complain that you get killed.

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Bombers must be on a larger maps, giving them the possibility to survive also improve the accuracy of their gunners a little bit

Give CAS 150% for ground attacks and 50% rewards for bases. Max 4 bombers per match with 4 bases and the strike fighters are taking all the bases, dont seem right to me

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Yes, it is very frustrating to play a bomber when there are four Wyverns or A-2Ds on your team just rushing bases.

Unfortunately, just after two years of this game’s existence, fighter mains already managed to make Gaijin ruin bombers by constantly complaining about them.


And now bases respawn on most maps and airfields cant be bombed, kind of messed up if you ask me

Honestly they cant do much in the current game.

They need to completely redesign ARB from the ground up, in a way that would make bombers more useful or viable.

Until then, any change is honestly just a pretty pathetic band aid.

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You mean F-105’s at 9.3-9.7? 10.0 to 8.0 is 2 whole BRs, not 0.3-0.7. Plus most bombers aren’t even jets, but ok.


You’re on a tangent that isn’t related to what we’re talking about directly.

to be clear though, 4 bases also isnt enough for 4 bombers

I think they could at least do what I decribed in the OP and that would help a lot

Im not a fan of drastically increasing accuracy or survivability.

It will make bombers INCREDIBLY frustrating to fight, while still not really making them any more effective at winning games.

Things like the Ju-288 and Be-6 are already extremely dangerous to engage as it is now, theres a very fine line before AI gunners become too accurate, and if you have to sit there and just hose piles of lead into him to get them to go down it will make it even more frustrating

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I think you are massively exaggerating the detriment it could have. This also doesn’t have to be blanketed.

AI Gunners don’t have a thin line before they’re “too accurate” because they fire 0% of the time currently. They’re just useless right now. We can go very far from there

They do respawn

Not viable to wait for bases to respawn in most if not the overwhelming majority of cases.

i dont know about that

just one game

Yup, some i dont make to base, but many i do more than 1 bomb run