BMPT-62: Algeria's Mini-Terminator

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BMPT-62: Algeria's Mini-Terminator


Starting somewhere between 1975 and 1977 and ending in 1979, Algeria obtained some 330 T-62 main battle tanks as the newest member of their armored force. The T-62 was anticipated to be a replacement for the T-55 tanks in service at the time for the Algerian Land Forces, but things did not go according to plan. Despite being more advanced than the T-55, Algerian tankers wound up disliking the vehicle, and its advanced nature wasn't enough to outweigh the problems, especially given the rather weak nature of their enemies such as Morocco or local militias. The T-62 instead served as a secondary tank, with the T-55 remaining the primary armored unit. Soon this issue was exacerbated even more when Algeria bought its first T-72Ms. These tanks were superior in every possible way to both the T-62 AND T-55, and so the T-62 became the third horse in a two horse race.

The T-62 was not taken out of service entirely, however, and continued to see the occasional attempt at modernization, though these never amounted to anything. T-72s and T-90s replaced the T-55 in frontline service, while the T-55 remains in service as fire support for mechanized infantry brigades, having been modernized to the T-55AMV standard, along with night vision, a new FCS, and even Ukrainian “Stugna” GLATGMs. All this time, the T-62 has mostly been used for rear patrol or simply kept in storage, a strange case of a perfectly good tank not being wanted or used. It seems some may have been shared with the Polisario Front of Western Sahara, but it is unknown how many.


Algerian T-62s on parade.

These tanks sat around in storage or in rear echelons for decades, until a new concept was floated. By the new millennium, Algeria was once again modernizing its fleet of armor and purchasing new equipment. One of those pieces of equipment was the “Berezhok” turret of the BMP-2M. This turret found itself being bought in MASSIVE numbers by Algeria, as they had it attached to not only every single one of their BMP-2s, but almost every single one of their BMP-1s.


A “Berezhok” turret training system in Algeria - 2018.

In addition to the “Berezhok” turret, around 300 BMPT-72 “Terminator” heavy IFVs were ordered, making Algeria the largest operator of this vehicle in the world - larger than Russia themselves! Experience with the BMPT-72 and “Berezhok” turret on their BMP-1M and BMP-2M vehicles gave them an idea, and the BMPT-62 (unofficial name) was born. Sometime between 2010 and 2020 the conversion process began, and on July 5th, 2022 the vehicles made their debut during the 60th Anniversary Parade of the Independence of Algeria. They have yet to enter service, but appear ready to do so.


The BMPT-62 (the name I will be using hereafter) is a heavy infantry fighting vehicle consisting of a largely unmodified T-62 hull with the turret having been replaced by the "Berezhok" turret of the BMP-2M. Both vehicles involved should be familiar to tankers in War Thunder (for better or for worse...), and the statistics copy over easily.

The armor of the vehicle has not been enhanced or altered, save for some additional cage armor around the rear third of the tank which protects the engine area against RPGs. Side skirts have been added along the tracks as well. The biggest change is the addition of the new turret. This required a “collar” adapter which shrinks the turret ring to fit the smaller “Berezhok” turret. This creates a possible weak point, and armor values for this area are as yet unknown. ERA has also been suggested as a future addition by several sources, though this has yet to be implemented or confirmed for the future. If added, the likely choice would be Kontakt-5, as it is already found on many vehicles in the Algerian arsenal, such as the T-90SA, T-72M1, T-55AMV, and BMPT-72. If equipped, this would vastly improve the survivability of the vehicle, but that is yet to be seen.

The engine, transmission, and other mobility features remain identical to the T-62, though the vehicle is significantly lighter thanks to the new turret.

The turret itself is the exact same one fount on the BMP-2M in-game. Same 30mm 2A42 autocannon, coaxial 7.62mm PKT machine gun, roof-mounted 30mm AGS-30 grenade launcher, 9M133 Kornet ATGM launchers (two per side), and various sensors, night vision, gunner thermals, and smoke launchers. Ammunition load is also presumably the same, though exact numbers have not yet been released. The crew has been reduced to three, due to the smaller crew requirement of the “Berezhok” turret.



Main Armament: 30mm 2A42 autocannon, 9M133 Kornet ATGM

Secondary armament: 7.62mm PKT machine gun

Tertiary Armament: 30mm AGS-30 grenade launcher

Armor: 100mm front (upper and lower), 80mm sides, 45mm rear, 30mm roof, 20mm floor, 20mm turret front, 16mm turret sides, 10mm turret rear, 6mm turret roof, 4mm spaced plates (on BMP-2M turret in game), turret collar: unknown, additional cage armor covering the rear third of the hull sides and back of the tank

Ammo count: 500 30mm rounds, 2000 7.62mm rounds, 300 30mm grenades, 8 missiles

Engine: ChTZ V-55V V12 Diesel, 518HP

Transmission: 5 forward gears, 1 reverse

Gun Movement: -4 degrees depression, +74 degrees elevation

Sights: Identical to in-game BMP-2M, NVD and gunner thermals included

Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander)

Smoke: 6 smoke grenades (three per side on the turret), ESS from the T-62 hull



If there is anything I have missed or gotten incorrect, please let me know! I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I hope you will also check out my other suggestions! Thanks, and have a great day.



T-62 Berezhok Heavy IFV

List of equipment of the Algerian Land Forces - Wikipedia

T-62 - Wikipedia


I love that vehicles. : )


+1 I picked USSR not sure how a African/Arab TT would look like


Definitely support this suggestion. Using the same logic as giving the Indian T-90s to Britain due to colonial past, they could give this to the French tree even. However, USSR is the most natural fit :). Please devs!

+1, for the USSR.


Would love to see this officially passed to the devs :)


Need more BR options. Kornet ATGMs should be nowhere near 60’s AFVs.

This but with an higher BR, would be awesome to get it in the USSR tech tree as well

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This is just a BMP-2M with armour
10.0 as maybe like ana event vehicle


Not really even armored at the BR the armament would put it at. The front plate won’t bounce nearly as many shots as the chisel nose on the BMP does.
But yeah, it would be fine as a novelty.

Sad Syrian T-55 noises…

It would do very well against SPAA fire at this br, which is useful IMO

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+1 although it fits USSR, maybe add it in a subtree for France?

It’s different, India is still apart of the commonwealth of nations, Algeria is independent from France. Also this vehicle has nothing to do with France.

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Algerians won’t appreciate that.

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Wouldn’t make sense, both countries have nothing in common, and that would also be very insulting

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This is why I suggested either Pan-Arab/African or USSR. Those seem to be the best fit and the least controversial.


+1, USSR tree is the best fit for it as the entire design is of Soviet/Russian origin equipment, and there is no specific Arab or African tree for Algerian equipment.

Sticking it in the French tree would only make “sense” off the British precedent of having the T-90, but the thing is I personally think putting the Indian T-90 in the UK tree was a very poor choice, especially since previously, the Australian M1A1 AIM was put in the US tree, and the Canadian C2A1 Leopard MEXAS was put in the German tree - based off the origin nation of the exported equipment, rather than putting the Commonwealth operated equipment in the UK tree.


Exactly. I would see it as a premium vehicle in the USSR tree. Hope it gets passed to the devs!


The Arab/African thing was more of a “future/what-if” thing, like many ideas here. I do think the USSR is the most likely, but if some kind of Arab/African tree were to come, then that would be an even better choice.