IFV* wishlist!

just wanna point out the M47 and Belgian Leopards are uptiered for a reason…

The BMPT is a rare version of an AFV designed with a similar role to the Begleitpanzer. They are support tanks specifically designed to aid other vehicles and infantry. Unlike an IFV, this type of AFV do not require the infantry dismount ability.

Well, considering we are missing a notable amount of vehicles for both, unless gaijin adds those, we will most likely see another sub-tree edition. Gaijin has already confirmed it, they just said it will be quiet a while.

Dude, just, how little can you know about your own armed forces? And saying that Belgium has only little to add?

The BeNeLux tech three may be a pipedream in the eyes of some, but off all possible tech trees currently proposed, it’s by far one of the most complete from bottom to top.

In terms of C&P: The problem with new minor nation trees - #87 by super_cacti

Read this


Where did they confirm it? Last time Bvv_D talked about Sweden, he stated that there will be no more sub-trees for it, and that vehicles from Norway will only be premiums/event, he didn’t even mention Denmark.

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Thanks for linking my BTR-T suggestion! I have a few others which might fit:
ZKDM: an Azerbaijani upgrade to the Soviet BRDM-2 scout car.
Fahd 280-30: An Egyptian wheeled IFV designed in cooperation with Germany mounting a BMP-2 turret.
BMPT-62: An Algerian heavy IFV combining the hull of the T-62 with the Berezhok turret used on the BMP-2M.

i want the ajax for the

This would be unusable on close-fuck maps

Lancer FMP
British IFV
40mm CTAS
Radar mast
Thermals for the commander and gunner along with unmanned turret.
55mph / 90kph top speed


Oerlikon KBB 25mm

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When we see rework and repair PUMA??? Why MUSS not worked like real(2 years accepted report). Where spike??


Another British IFV
(Precursor to the Ajax Programme)

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As the one who wrote the MUSS report I wouldn’t expect anything happening soon

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Things will either be fixed when the Puma S1 is added, or they wont be fixed ever. The modelling of the Puma is so bad in some cases it effectively requires a full rework (mostly just because apparently gaijin let a 4y/o assign the thickness values for the armor model)

Thats the only reason i can think of as to why the Puma S1 hasnt been added yet.

That, or its just gaijin despises germany, which is another very likely possibility considering their track record.




Fv301, fv101 (76mm/90mm) , fv107 scimitar, saladin 76mm, fv721 fox, sabre

desert warrior, warrior 2000 (bushmaster ll mk44) , warrior verdi-2, warrior ajax tower, warrior LMT, ajax.

South African

rooikat с 35mm autocanon ,rooikat anti tank, mbombe, badger ifv, RG41, bmp-1 modifed by South African, Ratel modification calld iklwa (иклва).
Centurion Temsah




And the most is Indian Light Tank Zorawar




I main Sweden and i am on your side when it comes to the 9035 MLU NL. Yes it should go to Germany because it would be a great addition to the German lineup also considering the two nations cooperation. It would eventually come to sweden anyway since 50 of the same vechicle is about to be ordered by the FMV. So i would absolutely support this :)


Cant wait for NEXTER 40mm guns


Germany has more then enough IFVs to fill gaps, it doesn’t need to yoink another nations


Guys, i main Sweden and i do believe that Germany should get the 9035NL MLU since it would be a great addition to their IFV lineup and considering its operated by a neighboring country. Sweden has alot of CVs to be implemented to their (our) own tree (eg. 9035 mk IV ordered by FMV, 9040 mk IV, 9050 mk iV etc). We dont need the Netherlands one but Germany would benefit greatly from it :)

As a sidenote, FMV (Swedish defence material organization) will order the equivalent to the NL MLU but for the Swedish AF.

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You use 2 arguments here.

  1. It would be a great addition to the German TT, as it is a great vehicle.
  2. It’s from a neighbouring country, so it would fit.

The first point I agree with the second part (yes it is a great vehicle), but the second one doesn’t hold any water. Sure the Dutch have a division that’s ‘integrated’ with the German one together under a NATO readiness pact, but the Dutch still have all the say about their equipment and nowhere in the chain of command will there be a German giving orders. Both countries have wildly different cultures regarding their officer corps.

Simple vicinity to use as an argument for inclusion in a TT is how we’ve got a Swiss hunter in the German tech tree.