Best planes for air SIM


Hello fellow sim enjoyers! I have started playing sim mode with a hotas about a month or two ago (playing the mustangs, p47, f4u4… so mainly american planes) so now i need some recommendations for good planes from other countries. I also wanna start playing early jets so recomendations for noob friendly jets is also welcome.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!

Hy in my opinion one absolut nice Jet is the F86 Sabre from Japan F-86F-40 JASDF (Japan) - War Thunder Wiki
and for Sweden the Draken J35A - War Thunder Wiki

The fact you even ask this question insults me. The only aircraft you ever need is the Sea Fury.

Observe as you walk away from any opposition, annihilate anything in front or beneath you, gain speed in a dive so fast you tear the fabric of reality behind you and strain the server hamster with simply the size of your genitals alone.

The other aircraft in the same tier is the Hornet. Nothing will touch you, this thing has been clocked at higher speeds than a Ki-84 pilot with a backstage pass to an anime convention and NOTHING will match you in a high speed climb. The Hornet can take on multiple late war props at once and still not be touched.

But if you don’t like people like Scarlett Johansson desperately trying to get your attention then you may like:

Spitfire LF IX: Immense climb rate, turn rate, instantaneous turn, great acceleration. You will bully.
Tempest Mk V: Great climb rate, energy retention, roll rate, dive speed.
Tempest Mk II: climbs fast, dives fast, goes fast. Don’t turn in it.
G.56: Does everything well.
190D-9: Fast, climbs well, rolls well, dives well… people won’t question your sexual orientation like a 109.
Ki-84: Sickens me to say this but it has a fantasy flight model that will hold your hand no matter what you do. Nobody cares about what you’re into if you fly this as they already know you have an anime pillow in your room, and it’s sticky.


This guy again😂

Hi! I asked a similar question here

I got some answers

If you play germany, go for FW190 D9.
Great boom&zoomer with crisp clear controls, nearly infinity WEP and good cannons.

For early jets I can recommend the CL13 MK6. It has an extremely good engine for a sabre and can even go vertical against a mig-15 bis. And outturns 95% of the enemies.

If you play Japan, try the Kikka. The flight performance is incredible for 6.7. Aiming is not easy with “the stick” but if you stay fast (~700km/h) nothing will ever touch you.
I think I have around 80/5 KD in it and the deaths were just stupidity(collision) or technical issues.

This thing is god tier with some practice.

I’ve been playing the British Vampire FB.5 again recently (earning kills for the camo paint job). It’s a solid choice for an early jet and can compete in any 7.7 - 8.7 game. It’s absolutely a first gen jet and sits at 7.7, which is quite high for first gen, but that’s the ‘turn tax’ because it turns very well. You’ll outturn things and get kills, but try to retain a decent energy state, as that makes things easier. It’s slow for 7.7 and is even slower at 8.7, but that doesn’t stop it competing in WT. It might even be better at 8.7 than at 7.7; I needed one more kill for a paint job, so jumped into an 8.7 game and soon had 4 kills. Many 8.7s are used to turning against other 8.7s and by the time they realise they’ve miscalculated they’re out of E and out of luck. If you can engineer a head on v B-29/Tu-4 you have as much chance as any other 7.0 - 8.7 fighter, ie a pretty good one and the lack of speed is no handicap.

There’s a clue in the name, ‘FB’, as it makes a decent enough fighter-bomber. Previously I used it extensively in Sim GF, where it was effective with the 2 x 1000-lber loadout.

You don’t need to use the GB tree either, as there are Vampires in the IT and SW trees also (2 in the SW tree: Swedish and Finnish). These export versions are pretty much identical in WT and all have a more powerful engine than the GB version.