Best MBT Premium Top Tier?

So assuming I am a player at around 3 to 4 years exp and I am at 6-7 Br and I want to skip the cold war grind and get a top tier premium then which one do I buy?

So much talk on this subject on Reddit ,Steam etc,much of it old,much of it bitter rubbish .
What is the lowdown from the forum in 2024 ,Best AFV in the game at top tier ?

Not the Challenger 2 OES. At least not until it gets some major buffs and/or a BR Drop.

if You want Britain, buy the Challenger DS, Recent buffs have made it really good.

Cant really comment properly on the others, but the Japanese thing with 4 second reload is a pain in the backside in downtiers


You might have saved my life as Chally 2 was beckoning due to heritage : )

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They have a lot of potential, but top tier is so badly compressed that fighting many 11.7s feels like you are actually fighting 12.3s.

Though Id wait and see what they do next major.

and the Split BR thing only makes sense to me if they are planning a LOT of changes to ground vehicle BRs.

So if there is a good decompress. Then the Challenger 2s could get a new lease on life. They are the slowest top tier MBT (especially the TES and OES) with average firepower and a weakspot hte size of… well… A challenger 2 MBT.

We also dont know what buffs/fixes it may get in the major. A remodel was promised and it was looking promising last dev server then never made it to live

I love the Challenger 2 and I want to love playing it. But its a bit of a mess currently. Especially with the Tank Destroyer SPAA and no IFVs

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M1A1 HC Click Bait probably.
Type 90’s good.
Leopard 2A4M for Germany’s likely coming and that’ll likely be good.
Type 96A for China. Remains the only premium I’ve gotten a nuke with.
Challenger 2 OES is alright.
And Soviets are allegedly getting a T-80UE for 11.X next major.
France might be getting something good, time will tell.

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Many thanks ,so it might be good too hang a little while then?

Yeah, find out what’s going to be available next major for Soviets, Germany, and France.
See what tech tree you really want to get a premium for.
All the ones I listed I’d get at least for grind.
I wouldn’t get the Click Bait or Challenger 2 OES outside grind personally.
The rest are nice to have.

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(Also summer sale might not be that far off. Newer stuff wont be on sale, but older stuff will be. If you are in no rush. Id consider waiting for the summer sale)

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I actually forget about the grind but that’s another reason to leap frog tiers.Thankyou.

Yeah the sale ,As much as I moan about never spending again its a game love frustration not game hate lol

I am looking for a way to love this game again ,all my moaning on this forum is to get the game back to it’s best.

I’ve been blasting and singing along to music will grinding with the clickbait and it’s made me enjoy it more and I’ve actually been doing better then when I try and take it serious. Maybe it’ll work for you too.

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it’s funny you say that ,playing to loud music often works for me.No sound just Rammstein and a big TV : )

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I had a match where I listened to freebird and ran around the map going 0-5 with 2 zone captures in the Abrams. I have never felt more patriotic.

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All you need now is bright orange tank with a flag on the roof : )

I would suggest staying away from the 11.0-11.3 premiums, as they often have trouble facing the top dogs, and from quite a BR jump like from what you’re used too, you may not be ready to face some of the tanks, (especially planes due to your lack of Anti-air options) planes, and helis. Pretty much all 10.3-10.0 premiums are great, especially the Chally DS with its new round, and the Leopards (Swedish and German 2A4s).

Supposedly the Swedish Leo and the CV90105 are an amazing set and have a decently fun grind, but have yet to try myself (they also have a fairly cheap addition to the lineup (CT-CV 105HC you can grab off the marketplace, but it says you’re a console player so rip).

M1-KVT is great, but the round can let you down sometimes.

Turms is decently armored and has a wonderful round, but a horrible reverse rate and slow reload.

2S38 is very poorly armored, but if you get into a good position, or if someone fails to kill you or misses their shot, then the enemy is pretty much good as dead.

Cant really tell you about anything else (except to stay away from Israel unless the Meeks get their armor fixed.

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Some good points thanks

Yeah I take no offence at that one ,it is an issue

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