Benz Gaggenau Typ 5 Plattformwagen mit 8,8 cm SK L/45

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In 1918 an 8,8 cm SK L/45 was placed on an Benz Gaggenau Typ 5 Plattformwagen to create an mobile anti balloon and anti air vehicle that is more powerfull than the other mobile AA guns equipped with 75-77 mm guns. Unfortunately the exact history to it and exact model is lost.

Interesting in game would be, that its while relativly slow for an Truck, it has however good firepower and if positioned right relativly high armor.
It would be another vehicle that can be used well and fit even in ww1 scenarios.
Unlike the other 8,8 cm Flaks this gun doesnt have the fancy ww2 ammo (but more about that below).

The Vehicle, Benz Gaggenau Typ 5 Plattformwagen:
I couldnt find which exact model it is and info in general is rather sparce:
It has up to around 50 hp and could go around 26 km/h with 5 ton carry capacity. (Top speed without carrieing 5 tons could be higher, or for carrieng such there is a low gearing and in game it could also go faster tho with horrible acceleration.)

The gun is the 8,8 cm SK L/45 in MPL C/13 mounting, having 50mm armor angled 30°backwards and on the horizontal around 10° with 12mm thick sides.
-10° to +70° elevation, 360° traverse, a crew of 7 (on the vehicle)
around 40-60 shells placed in the vehicle sides like on the other AA vehicles of that time.
(It could also be an 10,5 cm Sk in that lafette or an 8,8 cm SK L/45 drilled out to 10,5 cm, it is not exactly visible in the picture and the writing on the photo is an forum identification, so unreliable with a grain of salt).

The gun itself is actually allready in game, tho with ww2 ammo.

The gun will recive 2 rounds:(Click the names to show)

8,8 cm Sprgr. L/3,6 (Kz.) He 10kg 0,56 kg Fp.02 795m/s

Screenshot 2023-07-21 163317

The He (L/3,6 NOT L/3,8) existed both with and without Tracer (Leuchtspurhülse Nr.2)

8,8 cm Sprgr. L/3,8 (Iz.) Saphe (Tracerless) 10 kg 0,64 kg Fp.02 or pieric acid 795m/s with 114mm/10m pen.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 163337

(Kz. means Kopfzünder/Head/Impactfuze and Iz. Interner Zünder/internal fuze, the round has an special hardened steel ap head with a fuze under it).

Pictures:(Click to show)


Munition der 8,8 cm Sk L/45
Notes on German Shells 2nd edition 1918
German Warships 1815-1945 Erich Gröner
Mercedes Benz Archives

I feel like we need to organize a massive ww1 update with gaijin. Just take like 1 or 2 years to develop a whole new rank 0 for every tree so they can restructure all the Brs and work more on balance. Then implement vehicles like this


Indeed, like a seperat tap like bluewater ships, but with the option to have them in only ww1 and a mixed one (considdering that some tanks are far weaker that ww2 stuff. There is actually besides tanks SO much more that could be added from ww1 and interwar.

Cheers to that, They need to expand the selection of gamemodes

This is pretty much the Grandfather of the Flakbus.

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Father of the flakbus!

Updated the Suggestion and ammo a little bit.
Overall i think this would (except the speed) be even very nice in current gameplay with a long range high velocity and pen sniper as the Ap ammo has no tracer and He ammo with and without tracer (Leuchtspurhülse Nr.2) was available.
Tho about the speed, i could also have read that incorrectly and its faster, just when pulling/carrieng 5 tons, THEN its only 26 km/h.

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