Battle rating idea

I’ve noticed that the battle rating system is nicely put messy instead of whatever math system you use just have the thing find the mean (average) battle rating of your lineup because bringing my 2.0 F4U-1a and, 3.7 P-51C-10 to 4.7 because my 4.7 B-17E, 4.7 PB4Y-2, 4.0 PBJ-1J when honestly the bombers themselves shouldn’t have so high of a BR to begin with at least make it an average witch would put my 2.0 F4U-1A in a 3.8 still hard but more manageable

That’s a great idea!
Me personally for my lineup I’d take the B-57B jet bomber (BR 8.3 - but it’s okay because it’s a bomber)

And the reserve 1.0 BR P-26 in my lineup for a nice average ~4.3 BR.
It’s okay because I have the lower BR reserve plane and the high BR plane is a bomber in my lineup.


Yeah came to post exactly the same thing.

No way such system wouldnt get abused to hell.

And that is with just one 1.0 BR plane, imagine 9-10 alongside your bomber, you’ll be facing reserve planes.

Of course. I just looooove those reserve props. Can’t live without them.

You could bring that one to 2.0 BR.

Just to think that people already complain about downtiering planes in Air AB by one BR step.(0.3-0.4BR)

i do admit that could be a issue

I think it would be better to just get rid of the whole averaging thing completely. Make it highest BR in your line up like every other mode in the game is, well except the Sim list thing. I think it’s just an old, leftover thing from back when there were 20 tiers and you could see about anything in battle(Just like the God Mode Award) and they just left it in when they changed to the then 5 tier system. While I don’t think we’ll make it back to 20 tiers(but who knows??) there is still chances for more tiers, either from BR decompression(yeah I know, but it’s still possible . . lol) or just from more even newer vehicles being put into the game. The current averaging system only lets some players manipulate the system and drag higher BR planes down into matches they prolly shouldn’t be in at all. Also the few planes that state a specific BR and then the game allows players to bring it at step lower BR . . what’s that about? . . it’s either one BR or the other, it shouldn’t have two . . . . all that stuff needs to go . . . keep it simple . . . too many convoluted and over complicated things in the game as it is . . . trim the fat

They are working on rebalancing aircraft BRs making a split between Air and Ground game modes. Currently, bombers and strikers can be higher BR than they should be for air combat because of ground strike ordnance. Hopefully planes like the B-17s, HE-177s, PE-8s, Lancasters, ect will go down in BR for Air with the split.