Battle-rating deprately needs a decompression!

Why war thunder i just want to play my game i have the premium phantom at 11.3 and they i get up tier to 12.0 and its anoyying i understand 11.7 getting up tier but not 11.3. can you fix this?

That is how the matchmaker currently works, it is a +/- 1.0 BR system.

not really, E8 has 50% more PTW. but thats beside the point.

dont mind me, Its just the picture i got from playing Shermans recently. Could bring myself to spade both Tiger IIs in the TT with how dissatisifed I was with their protection (mostly due to HEAT slingers). And i have entire german TT unlocked.

Yes, Tigers II are on paper much better.

For some reason tho…(i know its just two screenshots, but this was my experience for the past two months or so).

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