Battle-rating deprately needs a decompression!

Battle-rating now is so compressed that t26e5 and m26 is currently at the same BR, same thing happened to TigerII(P) and TigerII(H), which isn’t ideal and reasonable at all.
This is what i made as an example for future BR changes.


I agree. Decompression should be gaijin’s #1 focus yet it never seems to ever actually even be a thought in their minds.

Yeah. Decompression is one of the three things on my list of things i want.
1: Decompression
2: More mid/low rank vehicles
3: fill spaa gaps


looks good ,but they dont do anything

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Some of your changes are a bit questionable, like the T-62M and T-72A at the same BR, but overall I agree, decompression is needed.

Edit: also use the more numbers to separate things, like with more numbers the Shilka and Yansei can be different BR’s.

At the same time,… it’s required for lots of Game areas,…

→ 8.3-10.3 jets as one of biggest exemple.
→ Tanks overpopulated areas
→ Even ships are currently having some players thinking that the game is currently needing some rebalance.

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Meanwhile Gaijin:
1: More compression.
2: Add more russian MBTs.
3: More CAS planes and nerf for spaa.


Best I Can Do Is 04032024114814


What we actually need to sort out similar variants like this is to use all decimal points for BRs.

Instead of moving the T26E5 up to 7.0 or moving the M26 down to 6.3, we could see the T25E5 go to 6.8 or 6.9 or alternatively the M26 down to 6.6, 6.5, or 6.4.

Using every decimal point would give the devs over three times the balance nuance to play with, yet unlike “decompression” or “0.7 spread matches” it doesn’t carry the matchmaking issues baggage that topic always has, as it’s still the same 1.0 spread. Given that almost all of the work that goes into BR changes is automated, this wouldn’t increase workload either.

It would be a direct upgrade, and a much more intuitive system too.

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Fingers crossed it can come in June. I think the excuse has been that they cant decompress ground until they decompress air and they cant decompress air until they decompress ground. the Split BRs should fix that hopefully. If it does ever come, I may some day return to the lower BRs, but I just got fed up of the massive uptiers that always happen

I get it, Its probably the single biggest issue with wise of game balance currently and the devs have made no official statement even acknowledging the problem, not too mention any sentiment to maybe fixing it some day.

LIke a lot of issues in War Thunder, the biggest is the lack of communications from the devs. I do hope the Split BRs coming in June is the first step for a Decompression, Air needs it just as much as ground does. But only time will tell. The devs wont.

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Weird since decompression is always on their mind as we’ve had 1BR of decompression in the last year, and about to have some more in June.

Cause decimals aren’t needed and would only increase file size more for no real reason.

…is this supposed to be a serious answer?

I dont think so, the BR system now is all built on x.0 x.3 x.7, what you were saying will only worsen the situation, making it a far more complicated issue.


Do explain how it will worsen it. It’s literally just more balance breathing room, there’s zero downside.

It would make stuff more complicated, and confusing. It also would be harder to balance stuff now that there are nearly 5x the amount of potential BRs.

It would be better to just raise the top BR by 2.0 or more.


Counting from 0 to 9 is less confusing than only having 0, 3, and 7.

It makes balancing easier because there’s more space to balance.

But the matchmaking is still your lineup~your lineup+1.0, and spawnpoints system is based on that too. what if your “6.9” T26E5 enters a full-downtier, how much would its spawnpoints be? 160 as it currently is? And how much for other BR&vehicle-type?
Just look at my picture, I didn’t just simply move up things, I move higher BR to an even higher BR. I think that’s the core of BR decompression.

That’s a Ground-RB-specific issue, not the whole game, and hardly something insurmountable. It just… divides the same way it does now, but with more values in between. These are the sorts of “problems” that are so easily solved they’re not really worth thinking about.