Base respawn nerf is "not a bug"

why do this, at high tier bases might not even respawn in the time given.
The quick base respawn was a welcome change, why revert this with no mention, hell it was on dev why not on live


That’s a pretty stupid change.

This will just lead to more fighting/potential TKs over base stealing.


This is Ridiculous!
Because many high-level fighters also can carry tons of bomb, And even faster than the attack aircraft like A10 or Su25.
That change makes lots of player suffer!
Or perhaps this is what gaijin really wants!


Yikes, that’s been done before.


I mean, there is literally no reason to believe it isn’t a bug. For the fact they didn’t mention it in the Changelog, especially with the addition of the F111A being able to bomb faster than many other aircraft at its BR.”


Yeah definitly is a bad change


They should just commit to it then and remove all bombers and bombing targets from the game, they clearly do not want you to play them and they’ve been abysmal for the better part of a decade now.


Find me the changelog where they reduced the game length of ARB from 60 to 25 minutes.

They are notorious for this type of nonsense.

Edit: flagged? Lol, I’d love for someone to show me what community guideline this post violated.


Actually there is a reason. There have been several bug reports about the issue that have all been closed with the notation “Not a bug.” Can it be any clearer?


Nobody pays in video games due to them not being fun, that’s a nonsense tinfoil take on things.

They will pay if PROGRESS is slow, but only if the progress is slow in a game that’s very fun match-to-match such that you want to be logged in in the first place.

This change would only work as a capitalist venture If bombers still had plenty of fun within the match with only 1 set of bases spawning in 5 minutes, but then the rewards at the end were lower due to fewer bases blown up. But that’s very unlikely, they’re probably going to not have fun, and thus just lose interest and log off if they were bomber mains.

More likely, they think it is more fun for whatever reason. Possibly just a matter of favoring fighter players over bomber players, by making bombers less likely to win the match, I’d guess.


Meh. I’m not playing anymore (and have finally stopped spending cash on the game!) because I wasn’t having fun either as a tanker or as a heavy bomber pilot. This way, I’m not doing 1DL anymore either. If they can add a TO mode, I’ll come back. I’m going to still be banging my drum here, since I can and there are others that can save time and money by stopping play now rather than waiting for another number of miserable months or years before giving up.


No dear Snail, if I don’t like it, I don’t PAY!

My premium expires in about a month, I could easily renew it right now for a 50% discount, but I’ve chosen not to purely because the game just isn’t worth it. I’ll pay for something fun and engaging, not because I’m being frustrated/bullied into it…


I have 4 or 5 months of premium left, but I uninstalled.


This is just a terrible change. There really isn’t any upside to this for players. Gaijin, please revert this change and bring back rapid base respawning. I actually was really enjoying Air RB with that feature in place and it was really popular with the community.


Then why are you still here?

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Not necessarily. The game has been around and Gaijin in the “FTP” biz long enough to have finely tuned the game reward and friction manipulation to perfection. They probably have predictive models that, based on your game play, can determine how you will react if they change any of the many variables in both game play and progression.
They know exactly how much crap you will put up with and what is likely to induce you to play more or pay for something. And apparently its not just to make the game easy or fun, but they make it just difficult and irritating enough to be a challenge so you get a sense of accomplishment and ownership of it. You see it all the time in posters here exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome symptoms where they defend the company’s exploitative behavior.
Or… they are all idiots who don’t know what they are doing. You decide.


Game designers have no incentive to make you “put up with ANY amount of crap”

People putting up with crap =/= revenue. They play video games for fun. Revenue comes directly from the game being fun.

You make money from PROGRESS in the tech tree being slow, but not from anything in the actual game being un-fun. Because the only reason people want to progress or want a funny meme tank or whatever, is so that they can play it in the game, and they won’t want to unless the game is very fun.

Why would you ever spend money to play more of a boring, irritating game? It’s completely absurd at face value. No developer makes their game “irritating” on purpose. That doesn’t work. I don’t know who made up this ridiculous myth in this community but they’re simply completely wrong

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Not how it works. Their algo is designed to ease new players into the game and get them hooked and “buy in” psychologically, long before they do financially.

I’ll pencil you in on the “they’re idiots” column.

Ah yes, “People spend money on things that they despise” million dollar idea, infinitely wiser than “People spend money on things they enjoy” which is definitely an idiot idea.

Except, many of the posts here are of people distinctly not enjoying the game, and it is ,notorious to the cliche, of doing things that annoy and going out of its way to cause players to have “not fun”.
So since your wiking psych things go look up: Psychological Ownership