Base Bombing Needs to be fixed

What am I even meant to do anymore in my A6E??? I spend 80$ and then they update the bases to take 5 minuets to respawn. I cant even get to them before someone else destroys it and then the game ends before the new ones come. I cant hide and wait for the bases cause of blind hunt. And when i get a fast jet to bomb i just get teamkilled because there arn’t enough bases. Who thought this was a good idea?? Am i just ment to spam am9ls now for way less research?? It’s just become a rase to see who has the faster jet and who wants to risk a team kill for a base. This didn’t stop bombing, just made it more toxic. I enjoy the stratigy of planing a rout and avoiding peoples radars and common lanes but that just doesnt work cause its just become a brain dead sprint to get the closet base and everyone else is just left with nothing to do. If they wanted to have less base bombers then just reward people for other things more but all these devs know how to do is make the game worse so you are forced to spend more money and time to get anywhere. Just let me enjoy bombing in the plane i spend the price of an entire new game for.

Well for starters, everyone was frustrated when the fixed the glitch that reduced base respawn. The ones who took a lot of advantage of it was bots so they had to fix the glitch. You should have waited for a sale to buy the A6, half of is best price to get into that thing. If you are going to take a sub sonic plane into ARB at that br dont expect to get a base kill. You will want to focus on ground targets like the AA and howitzers and tanks. They said it was never meant to respawn that quickly and currently there are no plans for them to reduce it. So now if you want a base you have to be in a fast plane, and the A6 is better used in CAS in ground rb

Don’t bomb in the A6E, it is not an aircraft made for bombing. You have access to good missiles at a low BR, and your primary target should be other aircraft.

However, the base respawn timers should be reverted back to 30 seconds. Here is a link to a suggestion about it.