Balancing The M26 to not be Obsolete in the coming BR changes

The M26 Its will be obsolete compared to all other American 6.7’s who is gonna play the m26 if It’s cheaper to get the t26e5 and Super Pershing. So to make the m26 ever so slightly better by giving it the stabilizer that was used in some Pershings.


Sad but stabilizer was on another T series prototypes, but not on T26

t26 shouldn’t get it even if it had it

I think is better to give M26 M348 HEAT ammo. M3 cannon can fire it.

M26 was T26E3 when was prototype. Previous t20 series prototypes had it but not T26.

but m26 did have a stabilizer just not all of them since it was hard to maintain

According to my information It was removed on blueprint stage because 90mm cannon is heavy and stab for it was too big.

Source? IIRC, the stabilizer was cut largely due to the need to carry the same ~70 rounds of main gun ammo as the earlier 76mm Shermans, which took up so much space and weight compared to a similar amount of 76mm ammo that the stabilizer was removed to make room.

EDIT: Lmao, the top answer in that source is from ChatGPT that completely ignores the two correct answers (One by Nicholas Moran, well known tank historian) to incorrect state that it did. This is why ChatGPT is a joke, everyone.


Pershing needs late M82.

Agreed, as well as the historical buff to T33’s pen to give it an option to deal with Tiger II Hs from the front. IRL, the round was capable of going through a Panther’s UFP from decent range, yet in game it’s somehow worse than M82.

“was removed” so it had one at one point

it was removed on blueprints stage

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I’m amazed it took so long in this thread to get to this point.

Don’t worry guys, I’m sure you will get your way, like with the T29 not going up.

Look my early message

Yes? What do you want me to see?

I’m joking that it took this long to get the German bias.

i thinked that you replied to my message about blueprints

Nope, it’s to the germen bias.

If you mean the other part of my post, I mean there is no way they will up the M26.

Hunnicutt writing that some of M26 which was reequipped with M3A1 gun that was lighter and has less throwback had elevation stabilizer.

We have a chance to save Pershing

good news for italy because they have the m26a1 with the m3a1 cannon

This is quite a find, however, it is the only source claiming the M26A1 had a stabilizer I can find (That isn’t a secondary source copy/pasting this statement, that is). WIthout knowing what Hunnicutt was referencing, or seeing some primary evidence like a photo or technical drawing, it’s not enough on it’s own.

It’s also strange that the M26 lacked a stabilizer, the M26A1 had “some” that were stabilized, and then the M26A2 (Which was standardized as the M46) definitely didn’t have it.

It would be a great change, and might make the Pershing decent at 6.7, but I’m doubtful.