Balancing The M26 to not be Obsolete in the coming BR changes

This is from official technical manual. It’s 100% proof for gaijin. @GenOfGames07 we won! Elevation stabilizer is mentioned

I won’t lie, I think giving the M26 a stabilizer is a terrible idea. It opens up the possibility for significantly more harsh BR changes.

Another thing is that the M26s use springs on the inside of the turret to balance the gun, due to the fact that the gun is heavily unbalanced and front heavy (T26E4 Super Pershing has this system but used springs outside of the turret as a system to be fitted inside the turret hadn’t yet been developed).

I wouldn’t be surprised if that document is possibly confusing stabilizer with equilibrators.

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They can’t place it on 7.0 there is patton

That’s where you are wrong, they can absolutely place it there if it performs well enough, and the stabilizer most definitely opens up that avenue.

Look at how the T25 went to 6.3 because of the stabilizer, even though the M26 at the same BR was largely superior.

Long 90mm is just too hevy to stabilize. But 90mm of pershing just several hundreds kilograms heavier than 76mm

Sherman is also mentioned as having elevation stabilizer. T26E2 that 100% had it marked too.

Has to do less with absolute weight and more with where that weight is located. Due to the much longer barrel on the long 90 mm, more weight is located at the end of the barrel, effectively having more leverage and applying more force to push the mantlet downwards.

That’s why those springs are required, they counter the force created by the barrel that actively is trying to force the mantlet down. After T26E4 temporary pilot no.2 had been built, the US had developped a system to provide this function but inside the turret. That’s why only the very first 2 T26E4s have those outside springs.

Hunnicutt also writing about stabilizer. I think it was at least on some of them.

Hunnicutt basically writes information that is already written on the sources that he has used. So that information on the stabilizer could’ve simply been from the source you have shown here.

He mentioned a lot of test reports and documents that i cant find in internet. Maybe stabilizer was secret during war.

That doesn’t fit, the M26A1 was a solidly post war upgrade package. And it’s very well known that the US heavily used stabilizers on their Shermans during the war. There would be no reason to obscure that information.

Frankly, the idea that some M26A1s had this upgrade, and yet information on it is nowhere to be found, is a little bizzare. You’d think someone would have noticed the US dropping the stabilizer during the T25 program, adopting it for 5 minutes on some M26A1s, then dropping it again for the M26A2/M46 for seemingly no reason.

That’s sounds like a bit of a weird conclusion.

The Shermans were very well known to have a stabilisation system during the war. There’s very little reason to pretend that the M26 doesn’t have such a system.

IBM tried to make two plane stabilizer like vickers stab on challenger but failed. That what i heard

In M4A2 manual i saw instructions how to destroy stabilizer and other equipment to keep it secret from enemy.

Germany not even tried to make a stabilizer like it but soviets made experimental one for zis-s53 85mm.

That makes sense, you generally do not want your equipment to fall onto enemy hands, whether it is for them to study it or for them to use it against you.

However, those technical manuals on the Shermans also contain information on how to operate, test and maintain the gyro-stabilizer, as it is a component of the tank like any other.

It would make no sense for the M26 to have a gyrostabilizer and not provide this sort of information on its TM. An M26 crew would need to take the TM from a crew that is using a tank that has a gyro-stabilizer to then read the information about it.

Well, during WW2 Germany went the same way France did after the war with their AMX30s and tested stabilized sights with pre-ignition devices

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Seems like the US got their way again.

Uptiering 75mm jumbo to hell?

Every counter to the Jumbo got moved up. The M26s got their buffs.

Tiger 2s being moved up to fight post war stuff.

Tiger 1 E fighting T29s.

Yeah, the US really lost out on this one with the Jumbo being slightly moved up.