Bad weather makes CAS unplayable

I killed a good amount of CAS planes with max range which is 10km. Some drop the GBU then fly to the side maintaining 10km and my missile destroyed it jet. Then they cried in chat complaining about that range and got no Radar Warnings XD Anything beyond 10km though is a no go, gotta wait for Gaijin to add the Radar missile of 15km range or use a jet to counter them or rely on someone else or wait till they make a mistake getting too comfortable and too close.

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If you can’t see them the sppa can’t see you if they are IRST only

Gaijin removed rain and snow and basically all epic atmospheric weather conditions because CAS spammers wouldn’t stop yapping about not being able to see. Now they want fog and clouds removed. Seriously.

That explains why stopped seeing such beautiful weather…gaah that sucks

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I remember when there was rain as a random weather condition when I started playing roughly about a year ago but it was removed for no reason, I really wish it would make a return.

They should also make battles that take place at dusk more common, I love them.


In most maps where really bad weather occurs, I choose to not use CAS or even CAP most of the time. It’s usually not worth it.

That is precisely where the compromise idea I had originated from.

Honestly, I’d be more than okay with straight-up blocking use of all aviation in horrid weather conditions. Which includes fog. Real air forces don’t operate in such scenarios, hell not even in the “low clouds” where it’s crystal-clear at low alt because of turbulence around the base of thunderheads.

I rarely if ever use air in bad weather maps.

I just lol

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Yeah, you want to stay hidden, never fire your gun.

Then we have clowns who wonder how CAS spotted them in a forest as they fire at every shadow and constantly use their MG

Take some ownership of your own actions in the game, see every aspect of the game from both sides instead of moaning about every aspect of the game.

He had 1 of them flashing lights on top his turret

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This is what you share a game and a forum with.
Some people are so stupid even fog won’t save them.

No don’t block them. Decisions should be in the hands of the players. If someone thinks he has to go in a plane in these conditions it is on himmif he is ineffective

Use a lancaster with 12k bomb 😆

What does that have to do with the weather or anything i talked about?

Why even have a tall boy bomb in an armour based game? I mean just because it existed do we have to have it? It was never made or used for tank warfare. This is where the devs need a slap around the face with a wet fish. Get real people. Its a tank game not a bridge destruction or bunker busting game.

I think they should be used on the bunkers on middle east map

I was joking about this

this is the cas balance say thx for skill issue camper players. but the weather its fine imo. just pretty intresting the fog in the desert maps xD

In real life it’s worse than that !

I don’t even understand when in good weather you can see a tank perfectly, and place a bomb next to it.

Try simulation and you will feel relieved to be playing realistically