Bad weather makes CAS unplayable

In foggy weather, rain, and snow the plane can’t see basically anything, even if I had thermal I can’t to see anything more than 4km away and would be unable to lock on to any targets, such kind of bad weather is even worse than the night battle.


Then maybe don’t take in CAS, it is a tank battle so why not just use tanks. Also everyone’s going to say “But I main CAS”, not every match is going to be good to take in CAS, which is actually pretty realistic. Just learn how to get good at tanks and aircraft so you can play both.
Also its not going to kill you not using CAS in every match.


I agree with everything except “this is a tank battle”.
It is a Ground Battle. CAS has a supporting role and like any other vehicle class it should be deployed when it promises success.


Yeah that’s kind of what I meant. I don’t see why they should make the game easer for you cause you play CAS when GRB isn’t a CAS based game mode, its meant for many types of vehicles.


This is always an option. Please do this more often.


I love playing CAS, bad weather is a great mechanic though.

Changes up the air-ground balance, pilots have to work a bit harder, and tanks get a bit more breathing room.

Much more fun and interesting than just playing sunny clear skies every match.


I’d love to make “extreme” weather optional like night battles.
When sons of atilla came out and with it new weather 90% of battles were played in dense fog, while it can be fun it is exhausting to play, just like night battles it makes spotting harder and it actually hurts my eyes since I have to focus even harder to spot a target.
Also it creates even greater unbalance and its another reason to ODL. Tanks with thermals vs no thermals, gen 1 users vs gen 2/3, good vs trash optics. For example try to play T-72B vs full uptier in dense fog on map like Volokolamsk
There is also IMO worst combination of dawn/dusk + against sun.
So yeah no only in most cases you have to fight stronger oponents in uptiers but in addition you have to fight weather.
As for the CAS it is also unbalanced not beacuse planes struggle but some SPAAs are unable to lock on target. IR useres, ADATS and probably more. Unbalance only stuck up

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How is it a bad thing. This is at least more realistic than having sunshine every day.

Indeed. I had some of my best (most fun) recent games on maps with difficult weather in GSB. I think it was on pradesh with the clouds so low you could barely see anything.


Except you cant work harder when entire battlefield is covered up by clouds and heavy rain, if you try to do Cas at top tier in those situations you’ll be a food against Pantsir,Tor-M1 or İto90m before even getting a acceptable position.

İts a good solution for tankers no doubt but very bad for Cas players who worked hard enough to gain those points and try to use it for their team.

At least it works for both sides so i dont have too much issue with it.

Depends on the map’s altitude, but most of the time you can get below cloud cover and run low altitude strikes.

Even with heavy rain, its not impossible. And its a lot of fun, more fun than just dropping laser bombs from orbit.

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I wonderd how long it would take for this subject. You can check the weather conditions on map before you spawn

Very funny


Except this tactic doesnt work unless its open field map cause you have to spot Sam systems in a really tight window corridor before even engaged.

Works 2/10 times in practise.

But one thing for sure its more fun and feels more rewarding like you mentioned.

Works as intended.

I am also pretty sure the OKW would not have made their Ardennes offensive (The Bulge) if it had been sunny. They wanted tank only mode for a few days. So this surely has it’s place in realistic battles.

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I welcome the worst weathers possible from time to time. Makes it challenging for CAS players to see and will have to rely on teammate that scouts or use scout drones.

Requesting Air Recon or other requests when flying helps. Hopefully someone points it out on map or scouts or uses drones after. Teamwork, gotta do teamwork…rare but there are those that do it.


That’s the fun part. Pop up from behind the tree/ridge line, fire off and back down into cover.

Bad weather makes IR SPAA unplayable.

In foggy weather, rain, and snow the SPAA can’t see basically anything, even if I had thermal I can’t to see anything more than 4km away and would be unable to lock on to any targets, such kind of bad weather is even worse than the night battle.

Exactly as it should - glad they got something right.


It sounds like those players complained about SPG in WOT or CV in WOWS. It’s not about realistic, it’s just another balance issue, and the bad weather makes this getting worse. next time we can say same thing to ban the SPAA, IFV spg, because it is not going to kill you not using these, you can just use MBTs or normal tanks.

And that’s why fail, such kind of weather only happens a few days, not like in the game, it must be over 30-40%

Spaa spot u is much easier, just keep T-6-1 per 10s, and your crew members will report anything on the sky, even hind after the trees.