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The AV-8B+ has been in the game for over a year, and it would be a simple copy and paste to give it to the nation that designed and utilized it primarily. This is a petition to add America its most iconic VTOL jet!


Of course!


Even if the former governor of California used a Harrier in his spare time:

…prepare for getting enlightened by UK mains.


UK mains have a particular love for claiming things lol




An AMERICAN man WON his Harrier and was UNJUSTLY kept from it. In his honor the US MUST receive this vehicle to make up for the travesty of this ruling

Leonard v. Pepsico, Inc. - Wikipedia.


Maybe it doesn’t come because Gaijin is getting licensing for a Pepsi skin as seen here (it’s historical)

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Clearly Gaijin is afraid of the Pepsi Powered American AV-8B+

-sponsored by Pepsi unlimited


The winning rate of the top GRB
in the United States is too low, and the United States needs AV8B+.

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I’ve said this since the release date of the Italian AV-8B+, should have gone to USA before Italy, just like the C and E variants of the Gripen should have gone to Sweden before any others.


Don’t think it’s particularly going to help…

Subsonic, slow, strike fighter…

Don’t get me wrong, the harrier is great, and byfar one of my favorite planes of all times, it’s just, well, you know what, with the AIM-120’s and AIM-9M’s, it will probably do fine.

Where the Harrier Gr7 has a Gen 1 Tpod. and Italian AV-8B+ has a gen 2. Im guessing the US one will be the only one with Sniper Targeting pod (gen 3) and will probably gain access to longer range weapons whilst still being the same BR as the other 2. Probably would be the strongest sub-sonic CAS till Harrier Gr9A with 18x Brimstones arrives (if it ever arrives)


I was mainly thinking it would be a pain in air RB, I know if will be a good strike aircraft.

Ah right… mmmm maybe. Been messing with the FA2 in ARB on the dev server. Its a poor test with how few people are on it. But Harrier II has an okay FM for being a sub-sonic. So long as ARH arent gimped to hell by multipathing, then will be good. Aim-9Ms (and in my opinion all IRCCM) need a buff which would help. The gun on the AV-8B+ is quite good, better than the 30mm ADEN and you dont have to compromise like we do.

it would be niche. No strike aircraft is “good” in ARB. but I think usable. Especially with some further decompression in the future (I think 13.0s may end up at 13.3 eventually)

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Definitely, it should have come to the US back when it was given to Italy but not adding it now alongside the FA 2 for UK and AMRAAM’s for the Italian AV-8B+ is a joke

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There’s just no reason to bring in a jet that was made by the US and used in service by the US then only give it to Italy because they bought it from the US.

USA GRB requires AV8B+, not ARB

I’m all for it because its already in game and the US designed it. Should go rank 8 after the A-7 folder, at the same time the US could get two variants of the AV-8B (the night attack w/out AMRAAMs and the + w/ AMRAAM) for BR spread on the attacker line if needed

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It would be nice of both versions got added together but I doubt Gaijin would give the US 2 attackers at once. From the past updates it seems they are allergic to giving any attackers to the US let alone 2 planes per update


US could receive two versions of the AV-8B+, an early one that would be a copy paste Italy, and a late one with more modern upgrades, like AIM-9X, AIM-120C, Sniper pod and more pylons that it is currently being upgraded with

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