ATGMs performance

Are these performing as intended? Seems crazy how bad they are now, with the exception of beam riding ones that I think are only found with Russia and China.
I don’t even understand what is going on with them, they just don’t work half the time, fly all over the place, get stuck in this oscillation on helicopters.

I’m all for ATGMs, especially on helicopters, to be taken down a notch, but it only affects the helicopters that weren’t good to begin with and the top ones are fine.

Whilst for ground forces it creates massive discrepancies in performance, with some vehicles that rely on ATGMs as most of their damage potential ending up crippled with weird, unreliable and uncontrollable weapons, I fail to see how this is an improvement to the game.

And yet to hear a good reason why shooting on the move is exclusive to Russia.

On the Type 89, also known as the dead horse of Warthunder, what is this?

Russian ATGMs flawless and accurate on the BMP-2M

Trying out the Type 89 again, how?

Kpz’s ATGM that wants to go down and prone to explode on the ground and appears to have lacking damage.

Beam riding on the T-55AM vastly superior and seems to have better post pen, at 8.3 it sits around the same BR of the dedicated ATGM vehicles, but vastly outperforming them.

RakJpz HOT seemed okay but then I don’t know what happened

M901 TOW also dipping but otherwise seems okay

Chinese AFT09


There is other topic where they complain specifically about the BMP missiles…
I didnt have time for long testing…but a couple of shots (with BMP) the missile went into the ground in front of me…
I AM ASSUMING (more test needed) that now we cant fire ATGMs with an obstacle or hill in front of us, as some of them “dip” a bit before going in…


What BMP?

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Same think with the HOT and HOT2. They fly all over the place, do NOT fly into the crosshairs but always slightly to one side or the other, enough to miss at long distances, fly all over the place when you change your aim, and fly up into the air or into the ground every third shot or so and then take hundreds of yards to correct, if they didn’t hit the ground in the process which they do all the time.

HOT2 is designed to hit selected parts of a tank at 4000 m, in this game they miss by about one tank distance at 2 to 3000 yards. HOT2, like many missiles from that particular time frame, uses thrust vectoring to RAPIDLY get into the boresight specifically to hit moving targets, but in this new version they fly all over the place when you move the sight and it is very difficult to hit a target.

The Vickers Vigilant had moving targets figured out in 1968, using MCLOS, its rather entertaining indeed to see a much more modern missile failing to figure it out. This has rendered the RktPzr basically useless, as almost all of my perfectly aimed shots either hit trees or the ground or simply miss the target.

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And then if you do somehow get them on target, they constantly fail to do significant damage, for an M113/CM25/M901 and those type of vehicles they get 1-2 difficult to aim, long reload, weak missile, why do they even exist at this point? Random update that massively nerfs these vehicles, or massively buffs the beam riding ones and it’s just forced through as a patch?

Casual 2KG of TNT on a BMP failing to do any damage as well, they really need to sort out the damage model on light vehicles, how are we 10 years into this and it’s still just the most abysmal damage, no armor best armor crap without an actual solution?

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A short guide i made revolving around the ATGM’s physics update, it might help you.

They’re not consistently bad, that’s the problem, the Type 89 missiles hit the ground at the 4km mark, gotta be out there aiming for the moon if you want to hit those then, but then my second example of the Type 89, it went so high it wasn’t even on my screen, so you gotta aim in front of your own tank and at the moon, it’s impossible.

And then having other ATGMs be flawless at the same time is just ridiculous.


i honestly think it might be some bug or some sorts, cause it looks absolutely unreal. I’d make a bug report about it

Bug reports never go anywhere, until I see a singular one of my bug reports get dealt with I’m not going to bother with that, anyone at Gaijin that plays the game should easily see things like this as well, it’s not exactly a small or niche problem they won’t notice or is difficult to replicate.


This. Sometimes the HOT2 will come out of the tube in the direction its pointing and fly relatively directly at the target. Other times it comes out of the tube aimed at the ground and hits right in front of me. Other times, as seen in the video posted above, it will come out at some wild angle and take hundreds of meters before it is even visible in the LOS again.


For a brief moment I thought it was pretty decent, compared to most other ATGMs, went fast, straight and no issue… and then it just took the scenic route for no reason at all.

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Last mission, Stalingrad.

Took out the M48G. Saw the back end of a M901 partial covered by a wall about 100m away. Shot his engine out. He fired around the wall and killed me. When I saw around the wall, I mean it, he shot the missile to his left and then guided it after leaving the tube into me, something that I cannot do with the HOT any more because it will go flying al over the place.

Took out Rktpzr. Got into a GREAT location to flank. Saw T92, fire, watch missile follow tank and miss. See M163, fire, miss. See same M163, fire again, miss. All three times due to motion of the target which is the entire point of a missile. Original M901 comes out from behind another building. I shoot, hit and get his engine. He kills me.

So much fun to use the HOT now!


BMP2…the squadron vehicle

The behaviour of the ATGM are completly unrealistic since the last update, gaijin need to fix these in a short time because now ATGM carrier are useless, for example in 10 missiles of the UDES, only 2 destroy a target, 1 other hit the ammo of a leopard but no damages and the 7 other never hot a target at 1500m, hit the ground between the target and the launcher or avoids the target at the last moment to pass over or beside it for no reason. This new behaviour for the missile make their unrealistic and need to be fixed


Exactly same thing with the ADATS missiles. Circle all over the place and too sensitive or they launch from high above the vehicle like a Javelin would and ridiculous to aim, often it hits the ground trying to guide it from up in the sky falling down to the ground instead of straight at the tanks. Plus with my complaints regarding the messed up thermals now the environment is of course gray but now often the missiles are gray too so try guiding something you can only see by a little gray movement, can’t even see the white smoke now 90% of the time. In 1 update they have ruined top tier ground for the most part. I like air too even though I don’t have any air vehicles yet, I’m planning on it, but it’d be nice to have the ground game back like it was 2 weeks ago, with correct thermals and missiles we could actually use as part of vehicles we actually paid for in one way or another.

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Its also really frustrating that its so difficult to get the issues and bugs heard and up to surface for the developers… i love playing light tanks and helicopters but its just so difficult now with all these missiles beeing so bugged and bad


ATGM’s were already underpowered due to the tiny CoD maps we have in war thunder, now some of them are just literally unusable.
How are we even supposed to snipe on half these maps? 90% of the time we are forced into close quarters.

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The only fix bugs which are in their interest. There has been a bug for years where you lose any extra RP you gained after completing a modifications research. They are aware of it, and don’t bother fixing it because it increases the grind. You can bet your ass if it reduced the grind in any shape or form it would be addressed in the next “it’s fixed?”


Milan in Marder is almost uncontrollable as well. In testdrive they aren’t THAT bad, they still oscillate unrealistically but subtle mouse control can control them.

In game, they are completely erratic, if the tank is pointed up a single degree the missile will fly into the ground 10 feet in front of the vehicle. Adjusting aim causes them to oscillate wildly.

Incredibly stupid.


And no one asked for a change like this, and it hardly seems realistic, with Russian ATGMs being in a completely different league, as Russian equipment tends to be somehow.