ATGMs performance

I don’t know wtf the devs were thinking when they implemented the missile changes, one use of the rolands and you’d have seen instantly the vehicles carrying them are now dead and buried in game, these changes are not good for the game, they just limit the vehicles worth playing as most atgm carriers are useless now.


I wrote a first ATGM guide on the USSR 9M113 Konkurs (BMP-1 and BMP-2), i hope in someway this might help everyone. I sadly only play USSR so i can’t say much or even create guides on other ATGM’s, but if anyone wants. They can take the time and effort to help others, because i agree: this new change affected many people who used to enjoy vehicles that carry ATGM’s. And with this new change, a new difficulty has arrived for us all.

I don’t understand gaijin at all, why not, instead of nerfing the anti-tank missiles, they raise the BR of the tanks and helicopters that use it, and incidentally they give a more realistic damage, which tires to hit an enemy with a 500mm penetration missile and kill only the driver.
By the way, something similar also happens to the BMP-1, if you shoot and there is a small mound in front of you, the missile hits the ground, I don’t understand why the missile has to correct its direction 5 meters after leaving the tube, give it more distance so that the direction of the missile is smoother and does not make it touch the ground. Apart from that I have noticed that the missile does not follow when you make small corrections, when you launch a missile at an enemy aiming at the left side of the hull front and You had to aim at the right side, the missile directly does not change the trajectory and hits the left side.

I don’t know, but after what I’ve experienced with the BMP-1 and after watching the videos posted above, this isn’t a new difficulty, it’s a bug that gaijin should fix as quickly as possible, since the missiles touching against the ground is not real, if not how is it possible that in reality the anti-tank missiles are used on small tripods so that they are almost invisible, if it were reality like the game all those missiles coming out of the tube would hit the ground, but they don’t because the missiles don’t make that dive within a few meters of being launched.
It could be said that we can add one more serious bug hehe, such as the damage model of all the projectiles, the penetration calculator and the volumetric bullets that make bullets that pierce more than 300mm bounce off 45mm of armor at 0º.

Yeah this needs to be fixed quickly.