Aiming the new and improved ATGMs


Is there any logic in the new and improved ATGM system?

Just had a match where i had clear view to the enemy in my Shturm.

I shot, the missile went all over the place, then after a bit it started to fly straight (yay) and just before the enemy, the missile thought, " NAH… sod it" and went straight into the ground 5 bloody times in a row!!

I might not be the best player, but this is dumb!!

I have had matches where ive killed 10 enemies with one shturm, now i struggle to even hit the bloody target because the missile needs a exorcism.

does enyone had a trick to control ATGMs or is it just at fun as shooting with APDS where half the bloody shells just ride of into the sunset?


I have given up on ATGMs. I also can’t hit targets with them, gaijin pls revert the physics changes

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Can you link the replay? Didn’t run into that problem yet especially with the Shturm. Those missiles fly super straight

It’s the exact same problem with AA missiles now like the ADATS. Cannot hit a d*m thing. This is ridiculous. And they HAVE to know about it. You don’t just push through an update without seeing what’s going on. They full well know what is happening. This company just never fails every single week, to fail. At something. Although many times, I feel it’s on purpose. This is on purpose. Because they said it’s “realistic”. Gtfoh. This change has killed many vehicles and only protected their precious CAS. They love their KAs and can’t have missiles aggravating them. Funny thing is I used the ADATS just as much against ground vehicles as air targets. Can’t hit a house now. Ridiculous

have you tried them lately?

i find them absolutly horrible compared to before.

Ye. Just today actually tested a few ATGMs and they felt the best :D
That’s why I’m asking

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The new missile physics feel great, actually feel life real missiles now.

They were too floaty and responsive before.

I have exactly the same issue with the new SAM missile changes, unbelievably the old system was better.

it might just be something we have to get used to.

But that wierd drop threw me off tbh.

it was a 2 km shot.

It was an easy shot (before) and i didnt move the mouse or anything, and it just suddenly dived into the ground

Any IRCM involvement perhaps? Or the server had a hickup… Otherwise I don’t know either

might be a server fart.

they acted really strange.

South African ZT3 misiles now will aim for the sky while whistling Jerusalema out of their exhaust pipe, then merrily slam themselves into the ground unless sprinkled with mouse voodoo. It used to be enough to just keep the aim on the target but now not so much, oh no sirrah, and it’s extra fun when the target is really close and the missile will find a way to hit either the sky or the ground and save the poor souls from twin warhead fury, three times in a row.

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Maybe it becomes way harder to hit a target at 2KM range when the physics are more realistic. I like the new physics because they feel more authentic though I’ve never shot an actual ATGM missile. It however looks quite similiar to what is shown on youtube.

Tested vehicles to have this problem: BMP-1, BMP-2, IT-1

From my experience the early ATGM’s have become absolutely painful to use, and all because of 1 feature that most early ATGM’s have. Being that they drop bellow your laser (where you are aiming at) right after launch the first 10 meters, this not only makes it impossible to aim at targets at a different elevation from you that are close. If you fire very close to the target the missile will miss the original spot you are aiming for, for example: if you’d aim at the lower front hull and fire off a missile. It would likely hit the floor instead, and same would apply if you’d aim at the turret. Instead of hitting the turret it hits the front hull due to the drop.

Tips for the new ATGM’s physics (early)

My advice would be to get used to this new realistic mechanic (i still doubt if early ATGM’s even drop when fired in real life), the early ATGM’s has become more skill related. As now patience and calm mouse movement is essential to not miss the target if its moving or if swapping from targets. Additionally make sure to aim a little bit higher than the target to compensate for the launch drop, and then slowly lead your aim on the target itself (instantly moving the aim down will make the missile plummet into the ground due to new physics).

I still myself have to get used to this, and i’m absolutely not used to the ATGM’s flying so realistic instead of a aim-to-kill missile. I like the idea and the realism of it but learning it is gonna be a pain.

this happens with all ATGM. that they fly wildly somewhere at the start. there helps then only 1cm to drive and to stand still again 3 seconds wait - then it usually works again.
however, the new calculation is totally unusable.
atgms sink after firing so that you can’t use them from a covered position. and the reaction is totally sluggish. so that they are useless against moving targets.
if you now have a vehicle that has just 6 pieces. you can leave that !
the smoke is also totally exaggerated. the atgm are designed so that no smoke takes you the view. yes you often have a white cloud depending on the weather - but behind you !!! BEHIND YOU. not in front of the optics … no idea who thought up something like that.

you have never shot with an atgm or ? they do not sink - they are not sluggish ( what you see on russian stuff in ukraine is - they also have problems with it and admit that ;) ) a milan or tow is not sluggish in reaction. and you don’t lose your sight after launching and they don’t drop after launching. they do NOT drop at all.
i have shot with the milan REAL LIVE ;)